Roof Top Yoga with Via Motion Seating

Roof Top Yoga with Via Motion Seating

via seatingGibson Interior Products partnered with Interface to hold an amazing roof top yoga event for the A&D firm, Ted Moudis Associates. Overlooking 5th Avenue in New York City, this event was the first of many monthly yoga events planned for this summer.

Roof Top Yoga with Via Motion Seating-2Nora Fenlon, CAE and VP of Sales & Marketing for via seating, gave an inspiring presentation that focused on bridging your active lifestyle outside of work with your work environment using Via Motion Seating (manufactured by aeris GmbH). “These products focus on improving posture, core strengthening, large muscle group development and improving circulation. Yoga does the same thing.” Fenlon adds, “there is a mind – body connection with using swopper and muvman. Maintaining balance and centering one’s self, all key yoga principles”.

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Kaley Young

Kaley Young, the yoga instructor for this event, is the owner of Hot Pilates Secret, and the Dance Barn, Kaley’s mom, Beth King-Young, created the Hot Pilates Secret class ten years ago to help her heal after the loss of her mom to cancer. Kaley’s beautiful mother Beth, passed away of breast cancer on August 22, 2012. Kaley decided to continue the journey that her mom began. Kaley also created She Taught, a workshop for girls teaching them the life lessons her mom taught her.

swopper AIR, 3Dee, muvman and oyo – the stars of our motion seating line, are the perfect way to introduce health & wellness into the modern workplace. Incorporating yoga, movement and healthy eating into your daily routine was the resounding message of this unique event.

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