Recap: IIDA NY Professional Development: iHeartMedia NYC Office Tour

The iHeartMedia Office may have been completed over two years ago, but the relationship between the client and designers is still thriving.

On June 29th, the International Interior Design Association (IIDA NY) was granted exclusive access to the iHeartMedia Office in New York, where guests were given a private tour of the space and sat in on a panel discussion led by Molly Winkler, Senior Director of Facilities of iHeartMedia, along with the architects and designers involved in the project.

Michael Beneville of Beneville Studios Inc. and Brad Zizmor and Dag Folger, founding principals of A+I spoke extensively on the obstacles they ran into throughout the project and how they overcame them to finish on deadline. The importance of teamwork was a major theme; that collaborating and respecting everyone involved in the design process has proved to develop the best projects. “We are all only as good as the team we surround ourselves with,” said Winkler, “I know there isn’t a moment where I couldn’t call any of these people for advice or help on anything. All of these things are a tribute and testament to this continued and invested collaboration that iHeart and our partners take very seriously.”

Some highlights of the 75,000 square-foot office: A ‘Town Hall’ space that holds the highest digital resolution billboard in all of New York City — including Times Square, a ‘Presentation Portal’ space with programmed lasers and a video reel that changes weekly, and a fully functioning radio station — all designed to show that iHeartMedia is the ‘King of Radio’.