RBW & Yabu Pushelberg Introduce Glyph

Designed in collaboration with Yabu Pushelberg, Glyph is an elegant union of contrasts that casts a dynamic play of light and shadow—inspired by the minimalistic art of the 1960s and 1970s, simple, precise shapes, bold colors, and industrial materials. A first-time partnership between the two design studios, GLYPH’s design was honed through many iterations to distill the concept into an elevated version of the original vision with regard to manufacturability.

Dynamic Simplicity

The latest addition to RBW’s portfolio embraces the gestural simplicity of glyphs—symbols that compact meaning into a minimal graphic form. The collaborative design comprises two vertical panels joined at 90 degrees that form two halves of a whole—an intersection of contrasting colors and textures, as well as distinct shadows that complement a soft diffusion of light. Illuminated by an LED-based lighting component, the sconce has the ability to be oriented horizontally or vertically.

Combined Brilliance

Glyph combines RBW’s high-performance lighting technology with the rich design ethos of Yabu Pushelberg, the award-winning, North American design firm celebrated for its subtle infusion of play into sumptuous interiors. The construction is a reflection of the two studios’ shared appreciation for simple yet dynamic forms.

Textural Tones

Glyph’s four finishes–Emerald, Luster, Glimmer, and Natural–were thoughtfully selected for their richness and versatility. Each pairing features a level of textural contrast for added dimension. Internationally crafted from aluminum, a virtually infinitely recyclable material that carries a quiet sophistication.

About RBW

As an award-winning, independent design and manufacturing company, RBW is an American brand for a higher quality of light. By listening closely to the needs of customers, RBW’s forward-thinking, technology-driven approach invents lighting solutions that are out of the ordinary—products that take on unprecedented shapes or make subtle upgrades on familiar forms. Each collection embodies a distinct personality while upholding the hallmarks of RBW’s family DNA: Intuitive ease and simplicity. The integrity of craft and material. High-quality lighting with a playful point of view. As a Certified B Corp, RBW’s goal is to expand its status as a leader in the lighting design industry and make a positive impact on both the planet and community by upholding the highest standards in social and environmental accountability.

Meticulously engineered for a broad range of applications, RBW lighting has been installed all over the world, from the renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen to Fortune 500 company offices across the United States. Thoroughly invested in customer success, RBW prides itself on providing excellent service, delivering quickly and reliably while product specialists faithfully remain on call. For more information, visit: www.rbw.com.

About Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg designs places and products: immersive environments, compelling destinations, and considered goods. George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg founded the studio in 1980 with an emphasis on interior design and have since evolved into creative directors addressing multiple layers of human experience. With offices in New York and Toronto and a team of more than a hundred creatives and professionals, the studio specializes in sensibilities spanning strategy, interior, product, lighting, textiles, and styling with a focus that goes well beyond what things look like, to how they make people feel.