RBW Launches First-Ever Collaboration with Little Wing Lee

New York-based lighting manufacturer RBW has partnered with esteemed Brooklyn-based interior, architectural, and environmental designer Little Wing Lee, founder of Studios & Projects. The pair unveils a stunning collection of four new lighting fixtures: Cape, Copia, Crepe, and Cuff. This collaboration not only showcases RBW’s commitment to innovation but also marks a significant milestone as the brand’s inaugural partnership with a black female designer.

RBW and Little Wing drew inspiration from an array of sources, including materials sourced from Little Wing’s Brooklyn studio and cutting-edge innovations from RBW’s Kingston factory, such as silicone and sand-casted brass.


A contemporary homage to maritime design, Cape seamlessly blends geometric shapes with high-performance lighting capabilities. Available in four vibrant colorways, Cape can be effortlessly adapted as both a flush mount or sconce.


Pushing the boundaries of traditional design, Copia integrates innovative materials like silicone to eliminate visible fasteners, resulting in a sleek and refined aesthetic. This versatile fixture can function as both a sconce or flush mount, offering a range of finishes to suit any space.


Drawing inspiration from vintage dinnerware, Crepe exudes elegance with its all-glass construction. The interplay of light against the glass mount creates a captivating ambiance, with options available in various sizes and finishes.


Combining classic sophistication with contemporary flair, Cuff is crafted from unlacquered brass, promising to develop a rich patina over time. Its adaptable design allows for versatile placement, with options available in aluminum or unlacquered brass.