Pulp Studio Announces Partnership with Bethany Fischer of PPSI

Bethany Fischer

Pulp Studio, the leading designer and manufacturer of technically superior decorative glass, is pleased to announce a partnership with Bethany Fischer of Preservation & Protection Systems, Inc (PPSI). Bethany will be responsible for overseeing sales in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

“Pulp Studio is ecstatic about this partnership with Bethany Fischer and PPSI,” states Kirk Johnson, chief executive officer. “It has been quite some time since we’ve had strong representation in that region, and with her extensive network in the architecture and design communities, we believe she’s going to excel!”

“Pulp Studio has an unparalleled reputation in the industry,” says Bethany Fischer. “Over 10 years ago, I recall a design principal at a major firm in D.C. explaining to me that Pulp Studio was the best in the business. I’m very excited to partner with such a sophisticated fabrication shop, reestablishing their presence within the equally sophisticated communities of D.C., Maryland and Virginia.”

Bethany comes to Pulp Studio with 15 years of experience running PPSI’s Interior Finish product package. With her specialization in technical customizable materials, Pulp’s architectural and decorative glass is the perfect fit for her expertise. Bethany enjoys working closely with design teams to find solutions to their project’s needs and places a strong emphasis on partnering with quality installers to ensure a successful project.

Bethany is the daughter of PPSI founder, Marty Fischer, who specializes in building envelope and cladding systems. Marty will be assisting with exterior focused applications for Pulp Studio.

About Pulp Studio

Founded in 1996, Pulp Studio passionately advocates for the creative use of glass as a building element. From the beginning, the brand’s defining mission is to fill the void in the market for innovative uses of glass in interior and façade projects. Pulp Studio combines technical prowess with design sensibility; creating products that reside at the intersection of fashion and function.

Pulp Studio employs craftspeople, artists, scientists, and inventors who view working with glass as an artistic endeavor – their medium being glass. The company’s capabilities include bending, hand-color coating, laser etching, glass carving, screen print imaging, drilling, notching, and a patented system for uniformly illuminating panels using high-intensity LEDs. Every project is another opportunity for Pulp Studio to further enrich the idea of “custom” by delivering products that are superior in design and functionality. One of the company’s insulated glass products, Ombra™ achieves a solar heat gain coefficient superior to that of other insulated glass units, dramatically reducing climate control requirements and providing significant energy savings over the life of a building.

Working in collaboration with architects and design studios, Pulp Studio’s products have been used in numerous high-profile projects including: Moynihan Station, New York, N.Y., the Space Needle in Seattle, W.A., David Geffen Hall at the Lincoln Center in New York, N.Y., the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, C.A., Wilshire Grand in downtown Los Angeles, C.A. and the Gores Group Headquarters in Beverly Hills, C.A.

For more information, visit www.pulpstudio.com

About PPSI

Founded in 1985, Preservation & Protection Systems, Inc (PPSI) is an independent manufacturer’s representative group that provides quality solutions for project specific complexities in building envelope, cladding and interior finish systems. PPSI’s philosophy in their approach to product representation is to not only understand the technical and aesthetic range of their materials, but also how the material may interface with other products and systems.