NFS Rendezvous and Crestron Fusion Collaborate to Streamline Meeting Management

NFS Rendezvous and Crestron Fusion meeting management

Booking the perfect meeting space just got easier, thanks to the recent collaboration between NFS Technology Group, providers of Rendezvous room booking software, and Crestron®, a leading global manufacturer of integrated technology for automation, control, and management..

Rendezvous room booking software from NFS, and Crestron Fusion® Cloud, a leading cloud-based enterprise management system, seamlessly combine to create a truly connected workplace environment and end-to-end solution. Crestron Fusion Cloud enables technology managers to globally monitor, manage, and control room devices, as well as display meeting details inside and outside the scheduled room. It also enables them to collect device and room usage data so they can make informed, intelligent decisions to improve workflow.

With this joint solution, employees can find a meeting space, book the room and catering, set-up lighting, control temperature, lower window shades, and bring remote offices into the meeting by video conferencing seamlessly for a timely start. Crestron scheduling touch screens just outside the room enable them to instantly see room status, book the room, or release it if unused (requires occupancy sensor). Adding the Crestron PinPoint™ app provides employees with a personal, mobile, dynamic scheduling tool; contextual information enables them to book spaces based on where they are, what they’re trying to do, and with whom they are working.

“We are really excited to be partnering with Crestron to deliver a fully integrated solution for meeting management,” states Luis De Souza, Chief Executive, NFS Technology Group. “Crestron Fusion Cloud is one of the leading solutions for meeting management, delivering a great customer experience and making meetings more efficient. The Rendezvous meeting room booking solution, integrated with Crestron Fusion Cloud, delivers that seamless end to end corporate meeting experience.”

With Rendezvous you have:

  • Efficient Management: book the room anytime and anywhere, select audio/visual, video conferencing, desks, car parking and catering if desired.
  • Meeting Changes: if meeting time changes, Rendezvous automatically makes adjustments and notifies participants and service providers. If meeting ends earlier than scheduled, Rendezvous automatically releases the room for someone else to book.
  • Integrate with Outlook/Exchange: Ensures time-critical calendar management with constantly updated staff and meeting data.
  • Management information: So you know how your space is used and can make informed real estate decisions. 

With Crestron Fusion Cloud and Crestron control systems you can implement:

  • No-touch startup: Enter a room and the meeting begins – lights on, displays on, personalized welcome message on the room display. One-touch video conference controls allow users to easily join in.                                                                                                   
  • Convenient scheduling capabilities: Scheduling panel outside the room provides room status, time, and ability to book the room on the spot or release it back into inventory if it’s unused.
  • Global device management: Proactive monitoring and management of your global network of rooms and AV devices in a single location.
  • Automated space management: Room is automatically reset for the next group when participants exit. (Requires occupancy sensor.)

“Many of our clients already use Rendezvous and Crestron, so the integration is a powerful enabler,” says Luis DeSouza. “And for new customers, we believe it offers a terrific solution in creating efficient meetings that boost productivity and impress guests.”

NFS Technology Group

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Rendezvous helps companies transform the way meeting rooms, desks and workspaces are managed. It integrates with sensor technology, delivering real time information on space availability as well as linking with leading control and digital signage solutions like Crestron. Rendezvous is the glue that “Connects your Workplace”. To learn more start at:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

About Crestron

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