New Product: First Plumen Dimmable LED Bulb



The designer lighting brand Plumen is releasing its first dimmable LED light bulb. Following three ground-breaking CFL designs, the company is now introducing the Plumen 002 LED, a revamp of the CFL model upgraded with an improved technology. This new addition will be available at from October 2015.

Quality of light has always been central to Plumen’s mission to attract customers to its eco-friendly designs. Switching the 002 to LED technology allows the brand to go one step further. The new bulb is not only dimmable, but also offers an improved quality of light and warmer colour temperature. This makes it a perfect ambient light for places such as bedrooms and bars, where warmer tones create a softer and cosier atmosphere.


Originally developed as an alternative to the atmospheric yet energy hungry Edison bulbs, also called “Squirrel Cage” filament bulbs, the Plumen 002 is pushing the resemblance even further by adopting LED technology. It is also dimmable – a new feature that adds to the bulb’s versatility of application and will allow the bulb to be used in commercial projects such as hotels and bars where subtle lighting control is critical for creating the right ambience.

Switching to the LED technology also means better energy efficiency. Compared to an Edison bulb, the 002 LED costs a little more up front, but a lot less over time. It is a 4W bulb that gives off an equivalent light to a 25W incandescent, which means it uses over 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and lasts up to 10 times longer.


The design concept of the Plumen 002 – blowing the glass tube into a mould – was a totally new approach that had not yet been applied to any mass produced bulb.

When Plumen started investigating the manufacturing process four years ago, the brand already had its eyes on the promising LED filaments. However, they were still in the early stages and not fit to fulfil the 002 concept requirements.

Over the past few years, Plumen has kept a close eye on the developments in LED technology. As soon as it caught up with its design needs, the Plumen 002 LED project was off the ground.


The Plumen 002 is the second bulb design by Plumen, creators of the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb.

The Plumen 002’s small size, subtle shape and soft tone creates a gentle glow and ambience. The low brightness and warm hue are perfect for cosy, intimate situations where the naked Plumen 001 would shine too brightly.

The design takes a completely new approach to bulb production, sculpting the tube to create a more sensual object. The bulb’s simplistic looping shape attempts to capture a sense of the infinite as felt in the sculptures of Barbara Hepworth, a major inspiration during the bulb’s development. The mouth-blown glass envelope was shaped to create different light textures within the bulb, to make the light quality as intriguing as the form itself.

This new addition is available to order at and retails at £29.95/€44.95/$39.95.


At Plumen, we believe the most powerful way to switch the world to energy efficient lighting is to create low energy light bulbs that people love. In 2010, we radically reimagined the form and created the Plumen 001, the world’s first designer low energy light bulb. Just like Tesla use design and engineering to make the electric car much more appealing, Plumen use design to bring magic, beauty and poetry back to the humble light bulb.

This vision struck a chord and our first design received global media attention picking up some of the world’s most coveted design awards, not to mention recognition by the MoMA, V&A and Cooper-Hewitt design collections. Today, the product sells in 75 countries and helps shape a new attitude towards low energy bulbs.