New Arc-Com Pattern: Mad4Plaid

It is with a nod to fashion that Arc-Com launches its latest three pattern collection, Mad4Plaid.

The Mad4Plaid Collection deconstructs, distresses, and rotates traditional plaid layouts and transforms them into performance textiles that are fresh and modern.

Historically, plaid, which is more accurately referred to as tartan, was used to describe the individual colors and patterns used to produce and decorate the clothing of differing Scottish clans.  The colors and patterns used in the weaving of the tartan would be defined by the availability of local fiber material and vegetable dyes.  The resulting plaid would then signify the geographic region of a particular clan.

Thousands of years later plaids have reached iconic status and are one of the most widespread and recognizable designs in the world.  From hipster dress code, to Los Angeles street gangs, to 1960’s surf rock, to couture runways, plaids have found their way into fashion, homes, and our hearts.

The Arc-Com Design Studio sought to put a modern twist on this classic design style through the use of innovative weave structure, color, and scale.

Pattern Perspective takes the plaid format, rotates it, scales it up and distresses the framework to deliver a woven interpretation that is bursting with texture and dimension.  A cross-hatched visual layering technique and the subtle use of a textured chenille add interest to this dynamic large-scale design.

Pattern Reality Check employs the same innovative use of weave structure, but offers a more traditional linear framework.  This handsome mid-scale design can be paired beautifully with pattern Perspective or simply used as a standalone.

Pattern Insight grounds the collection as a color coordinated solid.  This pattern offers up an exquisite fine linen textile look in a high performing, environmentally conscientious, and well-priced vinyl.  A combination of high-tech printing and embossing techniques delivers an aesthetic that makes it difficult not to believe this is an actual woven textile!

Whatever iteration of plaids history designers identify with, the Mad4Plaid Collection offers a hip and stylish choice for modern interior spaces.