nanimarquina wins top honors at HD Expo 2022

Celebrating 35 years of the highest quality design and craftsmanship, nanimarquina is excited to announce that the Tones Collection designed by artist ClĂ udia Valsells was the winner of the prestigious IIDA/HD Expo Annual Product Design Competition in the Flooring: Carpets or Rugs category. The competition honors innovation, environmental sustainability, functionality, and aesthetic or technical advancements in the hospitality industry.

The Tones Collection is comprised of four rug models that bring a distinctive, harmonious, rhythmic and sensitive touch with color as the primary tool. Tones patterns 1, 2 and 3 are a result of an exploration and subsequent reinterpretation of the traditional way of building a rug, which has always primarily been an external frame with a series of central elements. In the 4th pattern called Pieces, the artist distributed the cuttings in the center, composing them melodically in order to illustrate her creative process. The collection features an infinite wealth of shades, highlighting the chromatic harmony reminiscent of musical notes.

“The colors of the Tones collection are conceived from the instruments in an orchestra – the toasted colors of the strings, the grays and blues of the wind instruments, the ochers of the percussion, etc. Forms emerged from that chromatic universe and I just had to play with composing them in a way that could be reproduced on different scales and that was harmonious.” adds ClĂ udia Valsells.

The Tones collection has been developed using two techniques that provide differing finishes and sensations. The hand-tufted technique allows ClĂ udia Valsells’ work to be transferred literally and is the closest thing to creating on a blank canvas. Alternately, the ancestral technique of kilim provides an aged and irregularly woven appearance by using Afghani wool, which gives it a new perception.

The winning design projects were selected by a jury of design professionals. Submissions were judged on excellence in aesthetics, design, creativity, and function as well as the suitability of the design solution for projects in the hospitality industry.

About nanimarquina:

Celebrating 35 years in 2022, Nani established nanimarquina with a clear goal: to design unique and surprising handcrafted rugs for people to enjoy. This family-owned company is pioneer in the field of contemporary rug design; searching for constant innovation, handcraft techniques, and new materials. Based in Barcelona and NYC, the company produces in India and Pakistan discovering the unlimited possibilities of the craftsmanship. nanimarquina works with local and international designers to ensure a diversity of themes and experimentation with various textures, materials and shapes. The result: one-of-a-kind nanimarquina rugs for each of our customers. A rug for each space and emotion.