Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering Unveils New Handcrafted Wallcovering Designs Celebrating American Craft and Artisanship

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering has announced three elegant additions to its Handcrafted wallcovering collection. Using traditional methods of hand-applying layers of plaster and ink on paper, Momentum’s artists have created an eye-catching array of delicate and intricate motifs for the collection’s new wallcovering designs. Available in a range of chic yet usable colorways, Amari, Amari Stripe and Javel Paris join the existing designs in the Handcrafted collection – Santa Barbara and Maglia. From biophilic influence to extraordinary intricacies, the new wallcovering designs bring visual intrigue to the spaces they adorn. All made to measure, the Handcrafted collection features water-based plaster and inks keeping in line with Momentum’s rigid commitment to sustainable practices. This collection therefore brings bespoke wallcoverings to the commercial market that celebrate both American artisanry and environmental responsibility.

“The new launches within our Handcrafted collection are very special to us,” comments Jill Nelson, VP of Design, Wallcovering at Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering. “Through Handcrafted, we are able to bring to market a range of bespoke wallcoverings that feature luxurious craftsmanship while also exemplifying our sustainably-minded mission. The techniques used, material composition and color options throughout the Handcrafted collection bring exquisite options for hospitality and commercial interiors. We are excited to offer these additions to our designers and partners as a starting point for the manifestation of truly extraordinary spaces.”

The designs throughout the collection are all made to order and completely handmade – no machinery is used during the production process. Momentum’s artisan partners use traditional techniques, materials and tools to expertly build layers of ink, plaster and trowels to each design. Using distinctive finishing techniques and application styles, the artisans work together to create these one-of-a-kind wallcoverings. Specifiers may also use the collection’s beautifully curated colorways to kickstart their color customization process with a 30 yard minimum order.

The wallcovering designs in the collection include:


Characterized by layered textures and intricate leaf-inspired elements, the Amari wallcovering is a sophisticated botanical design. Inspired by the work of renowned fashion designer Iris van Herpen, the design features diaphanous and ethereal visual qualities, evoking the visionary creations of the designer. Available in 8 colorways that range from subtle neutral hues to bold jewel tones, this vertical design offers designers and specifiers a dynamic and evocative biophilic solution. Made to order, Amari is created by American artisans; the reflective grounds and tactile applique of the vertical intertwining leaf designs are rigorously handcrafted. Composed of 75% Water-Based Plaster, 15% paper, and 10% metallized polyester with 100% Water-Based Ink, Amari is Prop 65-compliant and is ideally suited for hospitality and commercial environments.

Amari Stripe

Defined by an elegant woodgrain-like coordinate pattern, Amari Stripe is a sophisticated biophilic vertical stripe. Available in 8 colorways ranging from rich saturated jewel tones to calming neutrals, the visual intrigue of this pattern grounds nature’s power and beauty for interiors. Evocative in its three-dimensional appearance, the craftsmanship of this design shines through its layered textures, matte ink and reflective grounds across the 8 colors. Made to order, Amari Stripe is created by American artisans and composed of 75% Water-Based Plaster, 15% paper, and 10% metallized polyester with 100% Water-Based Ink. Amari Stripe is Prop 65-compliant and is ideally suited for hospitality and commercial environments.

Javel Paris

Featuring dry painterly brushstrokes on a slightly textured background, the wabi-sabi inspired Javel Paris leads with a bespoke organic feel. Skilled artisans scraped layers of commercial-ready paint onto the stucco-like base by hand to build a perfect balance of metallic and matte finish. Javel Paris is 27” in width and available in 9 colorways that range from bold jewel tones to subtle neutrals. The wallcovering has non-woven backing and is composed of 75% water-based plaster, 15% paper and 10% metallized polyester. Javel Paris is ideally suited to boutique hospitality environments, retail locations and commercial interiors.

Santa Barbara *launched in 2022

With a matte, stucco-like finish, Santa Barbara ties in the natural elements from nature, such as rivers and mountains, to create movement within its design. Santa Barbara brings a distinctive finishing technique to the handcrafted collection, making it a first of its kind. Available in 8 colorways, Santa Barbara is 27” in width and features a non-woven backing.

Maglia *launched in 2022

Maglia’s horizontal texture and blended metal structure was inspired by woven grass cloth. A hand washing technique highlights the grid effect; creating a small-scale mesh layer that blends natural and industrial elements. Available in 9 colorways including a rich indigo and a luxurious emerald hue, Maglia is 27” in width and features a non-woven backing.

About Momentum

Momentum Textiles & Wallcovering is the largest supplier of contract textiles and wallcoverings to the commercial interiors industry. Its mission is to create textiles and wallcoverings that inspire and equip customers to execute great work for their clients. Momentum is recognized for sustainable product design and collaborations with renowned artists and designers. Momentum is a recipient of the 2016 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, the nation’s highest presidential honor for performance excellence. Momentum is committed to sustainable excellence through innovation and continuous improvement.