Maximize Desk Space with the Divyde 2.0

Slyde Charging Solutions.Divyde Charging Station 2.0

If you’ve ever fumbled for a place to plug in your laptop before a conference call or looked for a port to charge your phone before heading to a meeting, you’re certainly not alone.

Organizing desk clutter and accessories in the ever-shrinking workspace has become a problem for startups and large corporations alike. Employees have more technological devices than ever before, but less desk space to securely store them. The Divyde Charging Station 2.0 by Slyde Charging Solutions offers a customizable solution complete with four USB ports, two power receptacles and a safety lock feature.

Divyde Charging Station 2.0 by Slyde Charging Solutions

The evolution of the workplace to an open plan layout has opened a Pandora’s Box when it comes to workspace privacy, personalization of one’s workspace and device security. As workstations have gotten smaller, there is a feeling amongst most users that there is no longer delineation between where one’s desk ends and their neighbor’s begins. The proliferation of multiple devices (laptop, smartphone, tablet) has increased requirements for easy access electrical and USB charging ports at the worksurface, along with a way to store these devices. The Divyde 2.0 allows organizations to address all of these challenges.

The Divyde Charging Station 2.0 by Slyde Charging Solutions maximizes the ever-shrinking workspace by offering a secure, compact and personalized desktop organizing solution with a multitude of functions. Unlike other storage solutions on the market today, the Divyde 2.0 boasts four USB ports, two power receptacles and a key or combination lock, allowing employees to simultaneously charge and safely secure technological devices.

Easily installed in new offices or retrofitted to pre-existing work stations, the Divyde 2.0 is built for the modern workplace. It features plug and play hard wires and includes UL certification and a plug-in cable that is a full six feet long. The magnetic desktop storage solution is available in a base model and a model with a screen and comes in silver, white or custom colors (available upon request). Both models are composed of gauge steel with a powder coat finish and a rubber base that grips to any desktop surface.

The Divyde 2.0 may be personalized through a variety of add-on accessories including a cork board, whiteboard calendar, pencil holder, mini shelf and file sorter. The storage solution also serves as a divider for offices with shared-desk workspaces. The storage container may also be lined with rubber or felt, the latter of which can be customized with a company logo. Cutting down on security issues and catering to individualized storage needs of the modern workplace, the Divyde 2.0 provides convenience and security, catering to every modern employee’s unique storage needs in the ever-changing workplace.

Product Dimensions

  • Base model

    • Height: 6”

    • Width: 6”

    • Depth: 23” or 29”

    • Weight: 23” Model: 19 lbs., 29” Model: 40 lbs.

  • Model with Screen

    • Height: 136”

    • Width,: 6”

    • Depth: 23” or 29”

    • Weight: 23” Model: 28 lbs., 29”, Model: 45 lbs.