Matt DeBoer and Andy Yosten Join Forces to Lead HDR Omaha’s Architecture Practice

Matt DeBoer
Matt DeBoer

Are two heads really better than one? Just ask Ed Vidlak, central region director of operations for HDR’s architecture practice, about the recent promotion of Matthew DeBoer, managing principal, and Andy Yosten, managing engineering principal, of the Omaha office.

“Andy and Matt are both highly qualified within their disciplines,” Ed says. “It was almost like they had talked to each other before their interviews because they expressed the same passion for elevating HDR into a truly integrated design practice.”

Five months later, the collaboration among Andy and Matt and their local and regional partners in Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago has been “absolutely seamless,” Ed comments, which has benefitted every facet of the Omaha practice. More importantly, their shared commitment to excellence in design and client service will continue to position HDR as a leader of industry trends and innovations.

“Whether it’s conducting predesign research and data analytics, exploring solutions with our clients through parametric modeling or evidenced-based design, or supporting new project delivery methods, their integrated approach is extremely valuable for our projects and the clients we serve,” Ed says.

Andy Yosten
Andy Yosten

Young leadership may be an industry trend—but it’s not a new concept at HDR.

“Success begets success, and we believe that our rich diversity of talent and leadership at all levels of our firm will propel us well into the next 30 years,” Ed says, as he points out that several HDR now senior-level executives held their first leadership positions with the company in their 30s and 40s.

At first glance, Matt and Andy may seem an unlikely pair. But their complementary skills, backgrounds, approaches—and personalities—go hand in hand.

Matt, an architect with a background in design, joined HDR in June 2014 as a project architect. With a diverse portfolio in healthcare, higher education, and civic projects, he most recently served as a project manager for the River’s Edge Corporate Office Building, Aksarben Village Zone 6 Development, and the Do Space Digital Library at 72nd and Dodge Streets.

Andy joined HDR in 2005 as a mechanical engineering intern. After graduating from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s architectural engineering program, he worked as a mechanical EIT, then as a registered mechanical engineer focused primarily on healthcare projects. He was promoted to a mechanical discipline leader in October 2014. His key projects have included the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, Children’s Hospital, and Parkland Hospital.

Matt and Andy’s current focuses range from the practice’s project and financial success to business development, marketing, and “making it a great place to work so we can attract and retain the best talent,” Andy says.

Matt’s favorite aspect of the job is working across all disciplines—sometimes within the same hour. From collaborating with clients and project teams, to strategizing on key pursuits, to fostering a positive design culture: “Having an influence on making our projects and integrated design practice better is really rewarding,” he says.

Andy enjoys inspiring others.

“It’s not about one person or two people or one discipline over another,” he says. “We’re all in this together as a design team.”

“This is a great organization full of unbelievable talent,” Matt adds. “A wonderful set of circumstances put us together, and we’re humbled by the opportunity.”