Litetronics® Introduces Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps

Litetronics - Plug N Play LED T8 Retrofit

  • Simply remove less energy efficient, shorter-life T8 fluorescent lamps from their fixtures and install Litetronics®Plug & Play LED T8 lamps for energy savings and longer-life.
  • 330° beam angles closely mirror fluorescent tubes.
    Available in 2-, 3- or 4-ft. LED T8 tube lengths.
  • Ballast-friendly Plug & Play lamps are compatible with most ANSI-approved T8 instant-start and program-start electronic ballasts.

New Product Introduction:  Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps.  These innovative linear tubes convert existing T8 linear fluorescent troffers (among the most prevalent commercial, industrial, institutional light fixtures in use today) to more energy-saving, longer lasting linear LED tubes.

Result is lower operating cost and lower total cost of ownership; a lower-energy/longer-life, virtually maintenance-free interior lighting system for end users, reusing any facility’s existing T8 linear fluorescent troffers or fixtures.

Design:  Litetronics® In-House Design and Engineering team, established 1970.

Manufacturer:  Litetronics® International, a U.S. company supplying state-of-the-art lamps to commercial lighting markets, for 45 years.

Product Applications:  Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps deliver superior energy savings with evenly distributed, flicker-free luminous white-light output; preferred in today’s office buildings, restaurants, schools, retail stores, government buildings, plants and warehouses.  White LED light provides visual acuity, true color rendition, and long operating life with negligible maintenance.

Product Description:  Following other industry-successful Litetronics® retrofit products, these new models replace 2-, 3-, or 4 ft. LED T8 tubes in an end-client’s existing ceiling- or wall-mounted housings with ease.

Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps consume a mere 9, 11 or 15 watts, depending on tube length selected, providing greater than 50% energy savings, while matching lumen output and distribution.  With a rated operating life of 50,000 hours, facility owners and operators enjoy higher energy savings throughout many more years of use.  Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps are backed by a 5-year factory warranty.

Installation of Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps takes only the time required to change a fluorescent tube, greatly reducing labor costs.  After removing fluorescent lamps, Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps simply twist securely into existing lamp holders.

Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps take guesswork and uncertainty out of fluorescent retrofitting for specifiers, lighting distributors, energy contractors and end users alike.  Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps use the existing ballast and lamp holders, operate seamlessly on most ANSI-approved instant-start and program-start electronic fluorescent ballasts.

Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps install quickly, negating the cost of removing and recycling perfectly good ceiling- or wall-mounted fluorescent housings. They are cUL US and DLC listed, FCC and RoHS compliant.  Available in 3500k, 4000k and 5000k color temperatures.  Follow the link below to view detailed information about Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps:

Contact Information:  Learn more about innovative new Litetronics® Plug & Play LED T8 Lamps, or many other Litetronics® advanced-design energy-saving light sources and customer capabilities, by visiting online at:   Litetronics® is now located at its new, larger industrial-park facility, 235 E. 171st Street, Harvey, IL 60426.  Telephone toll free: (800) 860-3392, or (708) 389-8000.  Fax: (708) 371-0627.  Email: