Coalesse LessThanFive Chair is Ready to Launch

Michael Young and LessThanFive Chair-photo by Phil Sharp
Michael Young and LessThanFive Chair, photo by Phil Sharp

The highly anticipated LessThanFive chair designed by the Coalesse Design Studio and Michael Young is set to officially launch on February 28th. We are eager to share the news and offer a behind the scenes “making of” video that provides a window into the amazing process:

Designing a carbon fiber chair was a dream opportunity for Coalesse as their studio is constantly curious about new materials, new processes and how they can push the limits of manufacturing their products. Once they discovered carbon fiber and began to research and explore the carbon fiber process and how they might take advantage of its inherent properties, they found Michael Young and the multi-year development and design process began.

Their unique approach was to make a chair that truly leveraged the advantages of the material to be strong and light. To create something at a price point that their customers would find reasonable yet also incredibly delightful. In the end, they have created a chair that will surprise you every time you interact with it and allow you to personalize it in ways that their current offerings don’t support.

Below is a link to the Coalesse website with more information about the chair.