Leantime Launches Project Management Platform for Non-Project Managers with Neurodiversity in Mind

Leantime co-founders Marcel & Gloria Folaron

The company’s open-source and cloud-based tools link the human experience with the purpose of work to maximize project organization and the thoughtful output of all team members.

Leantime, a developer of AI-powered, science-based workplace experience solutions, today announced the launch of its open-source and cloud-based project management system for the non-project manager. Unlike other work management tools which focus on juggling and completing tasks, Leantime combines the best project management practices (lean methodology, agile software development, and design thinking), while fostering a holistic and cohesive goals-oriented work experience.

“Up to 90% of all strategic business initiatives fail and often because they were poorly implemented and executed on,” says Gloria Folaron, co-founder and CEO of Leantime. “And even if a strategy is well planned, only 7% of employees will be able to say they understand the business strategy and what is needed of them to help the company achieve it. That’s where we enter the picture, bridging the gap between strategic management software and project management tools.”

Folaron, a former nurse-turned-product manager, recognized a need for a simplified project management solution that didn’t overwhelm her ADHD. Utilizing behavioral human science and neuroscience, Leantime is built based on motivational, goal-oriented functions as opposed to task-based functions, which is how most traditional project management tools are designed. With other platforms, users are required to constantly juggle multiple lists of activities and projects without having an understanding of the bigger picture or feeling a vested interest in the work. Leantime takes a step back, allowing team members to add their strategies, project plans, ideas, goals, and supporting documentation before going into the execution mode of creating tasks and milestones.

Leantime also recognizes that productivity is intricately linked to inclusivity. Supporting neurodivergent employees, like the millions of individuals with ADHD/ADD or the one in five people with dyslexia, and prioritizing cognitive accessibility is an essential part of fostering an inclusive work culture. Leantime’s platform creates a cohesive work experience, encouraging intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation and promoting project ownership across all members of a team. Based on how humans function, the platform is broken into two modules, “Think” and “Make”, which includes a variety of features and tools that combine strategy with execution.

“Being part of a team means no one should be struggling and yet, even in 2023, businesses fail to prioritize tools that work for everyone,” says Marcel Folaron, co-founder and CTO of Leantime. “We make it easier for businesses to be inclusive by making work management accessible to the whole team.”

Leantime’s cloud-hosted platform is available for small and growing teams: Core $4/user (up to three users free), Core + Strategy $11/user, Core + Strategy + Program $19/user, and Everything + AI $25/user. The company also offers customized pricing and plans for cross-functional enterprise teams. In addition to its current suite of tools, Leantime will be releasing a variety of new plugins for both cloud and open-source users including Strategy Management and Program + Strategy Management, with Whiteboard and AI available as add-ons. Leantime is now focused on raising additional capital to expand its integration development and plugin infrastructure, establish key partnerships and increase its sales funnel, and hire additional developers.


Leantime is an open-source project management system for non-project managers, with neurodiversity top of mind. Combining a variety of best practices such as design thinking, lean, and agile, Leantime provides a tool that doesn’t require any project management experience. Users get to define, plan, and execute on their projects including project strategy, setting goals, ideating solutions, planning timelines, and delivering on tasks. The Leantime open-source project was started in 2019 and has grown to one of the top open source project management systems with over 50,000 downloads and an active Discord community. Leantime also works with large enterprise organizations looking to get better at strategic implementation and in creating a shared vision across their organization. For more information, visit https://leantime.io/.