Landscape Forms Appoints Linda Stacy as Senior Marketing Specialist

Landscape Forms, North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-design, site furniture, structure, LED lighting, and accessories, is pleased to announce the appointment of Linda Stacy as Senior Marketing Specialist.

Ms. Stacy brings over 20 years of global marketing leadership, sales, and business operations experience. Her expertise extends throughout all aspects of the digital ecosystem for a wide variety of categories, including capital equipment in artificial intelligence, manufacturing, and medical devices for electrosurgery, orthopedics and radiology. Prior to joining Landscape Forms, Stacy served as Director of Marketing for start-up, MaxQ AI, and previously, as Director of Digital Marketing for Centurion Medical Products. 

Stacy’s proven experience in leveraging data science to guide informed marketing strategy will prove valuable in Landscape Form’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

When she is not working, Ms. Stacy enjoys baking artisan pastries and breads, and continuing learning through self-education in topics like cyber security and ethical hacking.