Kimball Office Makes a Strategic Investment in a Smart Technology Company

Kimball Office, a design centric and tech savvy furniture manufacturer, announced today its strategic investment in ShareDesk, a global leader in agile workplace technology and on-demand workspaces. “Our exclusive furniture partnership with ShareDesk is a critical element of our smart workplace strategy”, states Wendy Murray, Director of Marketing for Kimball Office. She added, “Our collaboration with ShareDesk ensures that Kimball Office will be at the forefront of the workplace transformation, which is being fueled by the rapid advancement in technology”.

Mike Wagner, President of Kimball Office commented, “as real estate costs escalate, and activity based planning de-tethers employees from assigned workstations, the interior designers and facility managers need new ways to manage these complexities”. The collaboration between Kimball Office and ShareDesk will be focused on helping organizations optimize their real estate utilization, while also improving the effectiveness of the people who occupy the “smart” space.

Kimball Office announced last week that they are co-developing the 76ers Innovation Lab, Crafted by Kimball, which will provide the ideal workplace environment, and is expected to be a highly charged atmosphere and filled with entrepreneurial spirit. Murray stated, “This is the culture and corporate vibe that every growth oriented CEO will want to replicate”. “We will use this environment to rapidly solve workplace challenges and boost productivity with our smart solutions”.

“Collaborating with thought leading partners, such as Kimball Office, allows us to reimagine the workplace experience, said Kia Rahmani, founder and CEO of ShareDesk. “By aligning the physical and digital functionality, we can transform the relationship between people and place. We are very excited to be working with Kimball Office. Together, we will provide an eco-system that can revolutionize the way companies manage and measure their workplace effectiveness”

Wagner finished by saying, “The combination of a design-centric culture at Kimball Office, the industry leading technology and brilliant partners, like Kia Rahmani of ShareDesk and Scott O’Neil of the Sixers , is helping to shape a very exciting future. You’re invited to visit our Chicago showroom, where we will debut the smart concept during this year’s Neocon show, which is June 13th-15th.”

About Kimball Office

Kimball Office has been transforming workspaces for 45 years with an ever-widening breadth of relevant, sustainable office furniture solutions. As one of America’s most respected environmentally-conscious furniture manufacturers, Kimball Office provides open plan system solutions, both modern and classic desking, collaborative and conference product, and an array of conference and seating options. The company is a brand unit of Kimball International, Inc., (NASDAQ:KBAL), a publicly-traded company headquartered in Jasper, Indiana and is recognized as a trustworthy company and the Great Place to Work ® designation.

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About ShareDesk

ShareDesk is the leading global platform for on-demand workspaces. With over 5,000 venues across 40 countries, the ShareDesk marketplace helps mobile professionals seamlessly discover and access on-demand work and meeting spaces. With ShareDesk Optix, the company provides cloud-based solutions to help serviced offices and companies create smart on-demand workspaces environments with a beautiful mobile-first experience. ShareDesk is evolving the way people work and how companies manage and optimize space.

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