Keilhauer and Camira Partner for New Textile Card

Photo credit: Camira Fabrics

Introducing a vibrant, sustainable line of Keilhauer-curated wools

Announced today, Keilhauer has launched a new textile card with Camira, offering a selection of four wools that are made from all-natural fibers and are available in an array of vibrant, trend-forward colors. Keilhauer is proud to further our sustainability goals by partnering with Camira, a top textile brand that shares the same innovative, sustainable-minded values. Pioneering the creation of eco-friendly fabrics for over a generation, Camira is dedicated to minimising its impact on the environment – introducing its first recycled polyester fabric in 1997, and, most recently, launching a collection of fabrics woven from marine plastic waste as part of the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, an ocean clean-up organization.

Camira’s passion for creating some of the world’s most adventurous and environmentally sensitive fabrics made this partnership with Keilhauer a natural fit. Keilhauer’s Camira textile card features four versatile, eco-conscious wools that can easily adapt to any design environment: Blazer, Main Line Flax, Silk and Yoredale.

Each textile family within the card is certified to Indoor Advantage™ Gold and naturally breathable, available in a variety of durable, low-emitting fabrics that have no added flame retardants. All four textiles are rapidly renewable and compostable, and contain antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Each of the textiles has been proactively reviewed to meet Keilhauer’s product requirements and can be placed on all upholstered products.


Available in an exciting collection of 15 colorways, Blazer is a classic 100% pure new wool with a billiard cloth felted finish. Derived from responsible farming in New Zealand, Blazer is soft, clean and bright. In addition to being a low-emitting material, Blazer is colored with non-metallic dyestuff.

Main Line Flax

Main Line Flax is composed of 75% pure new wool and 25% flax. Wild flax, a symbol of purity, has been used in textiles for thousands of years due to its strong, long fibers. This blended textile is classified for heavy duty upholstery, certified to the EU Ecolabel, and comes in 15 colorways that feature unique, inspired jewel tones.


The Silk textile is a sustainable superstar, a blend of 70% pure wool, 19% flax and 11% silk. The silk element is recycled content derived from ‘noils,’ the short fiber waste remnants from the combing process before spinning. Beautifully constructed, Silk is a dobby weave fabric with a three-tone tweed effect, available in a color palette of 12 muted pastels with bright highlights.


Highly textured and timeless, Yoredale is comprised of 95% British wool, 3% polyester and 2% nylon. This textile features a bouclé style yarn that includes a contrasting black binder, which creates subtle details within the weave. Available in 12 vibrant colorways, this yarn is derived from a local wool supply, which supports local economy.

About Camira

Camira are makers, designers and manufacturers of textiles, developing fabrics for the contract sector – including offices and schools, hotels, retail and hospitals – as well as for passenger transport on bus, coach and rail.

Camira is a privately-owned UK textile group founded in 1974 under the name Camborne Fabrics, but its heritage goes back to 1783 through various acquisitions. Until a management buy-out in 2006, the company was a subsidiary of Interface, an international manufacturer of textile modular floor coverings, for almost ten years. Today, Camira produces more than eight million yards of fabrics annually and markets them in over 80 countries.

Headquartered in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, England, the company has manufacturing facilities in the UK and Lithuania, offices and showrooms in Europe, North America, Australia and China and a global network of account managers and specialist dealers.

Camira has received numerous awards to date, most recently receiving three Best of NeoCon 2021 awards at this year’s event.

A pioneer of environmental fabrics, Camira has been producing recycled fabrics for 20 years, as well as developing a number of ranges woven from natural wool and bast fibers, such as nettle, hemp and flax.

About Keilhauer

Founded in 1981, Keilhauer is a privately owned, design focused contract furniture manufacturer. Keilhauer manufactures seating and tables that makes work more comfortable for all. Keilhauer products are thoughtfully made to support communication and engagement in spaces such as meeting rooms, collaboration areas, lobbies and lunchrooms. Working with world-renowned furniture designers and textile mills, Keilhauer is internationally recognized for award-winning design, built with extreme craftsmanship, to the highest environmental standards. For more information, please visit