Kay Chesterfield, Inc. Announces “Workplace Pillows” Capability

Kay Chesterfield, Inc., a national contract pillow maker and upholsterer since 1921, announces the launch of Workplace Pillows from Kay Chesterfield, Inc., featuring a series of specialized resources devoted to the fabrication and project management of office pillow programs for global corporate clients.

The recent popularity of workplace pillows has driven Kriss Kokoefer, Kay Chesterfield’s President and Owner, to add equipment, grow her team of project managers and develop a new website—www.workplacepillows.com—all to increase capabilities and national presence for her almost 100-year-old company. “Corporate clients, their furniture consultants and their designers need focused expertise in managing throw pillows, as offices literally soften up all over the world and become more residential in style,” says Kokoefer.

Kay Chesterfield works with national furniture dealerships to produce thousands of pillows for the offices of Visa, Google, Airbnb, Salesforce and other global employers. The Knoll Chicago showroom pillows are Kay Chesterfield fabrications. These clients find pillows bring color, texture, comfort and sound absorption to their environments. Kay Chesterfield is a national supplier of custom pillows, cushions and contract re-upholstery to all sectors of the commercial furniture industry. Fabrication is performed entirely in Oakland, California.

Kriss Kokoefer, Owner of Workplace Pillows from Kay Chesterfield

Please visit our websites: www.kaychesterfield.com, www.workplacepillows.com