JP Lounge Extensions by Jonathan Prestwich

Davis Furniture, a leading manufacturer of contemporary office furnishings, announces the expansion of the highly acclaimed JP Lounge Collection, initially launched in 2020. Renowned London-based industrial designer, Jonathan Prestwich, has introduced two new chairs, each available with and without privacy screens, alongside an additional stool and ottoman. The JP Lounge Collection is a cutting-edge modular seating series that redefines contemporary workspaces. Inspired by the evolving dynamics of modern work, the collection encompasses open seating, screened units, benches, and table options, catering to the diverse needs of users in open offices, lounges, and workspaces.

Each piece in the JP Lounge Collection was designed to feature single-seat upholstery and table options, ensuring a highly customizable solution that helps defines and divide space for the end user. The collection’s refined appearance and unexpected comfort are achieved through multi-density foam over a plywood frame construction with supportive webbing to create concealed suspension within each piece. Jonathan Prestwich shared his thoughts on the design: “With JP Lounge, I wanted to explore how a series of products could not only define a cohesive interior space but simultaneously provide for the end user’s individual needs. And these new additions continue to expand upon that idea making the collection an even a more robust solution for designers to utilize.”

The expanded collection now offers a more comprehensive range of seating options than ever, including backed and backless benches in straight, 90-degree, and 120-degree designs. Optional 50″ high upholstered screens enhance privacy, through acoustical and spatial division in open office settings. The modular design allows configurations to seamlessly join together, supported by cast aluminum legs connected with extruded aluminum base rails. Each metal base is available in over 35 standard powder coat finishes ranging from simple neutrals to lustrous pearls to Davis’ vibrant Color Trends.

In addition to seating units, the JP Lounge Collection includes connecting and freestanding occasional tables available in durable finishes such as Fenix™ Innovative Materials, laminates and acrylic. Ash, Oak or Walnut veneer surfaces are available when a softer aesthetic is needed. Integrated pivoting and articulating tablets alongside discreet fixed tables with wireless charging capabilities provide versatile options for users. Undermounted and surface power options complete the comprehensive features of this unique collection.

JP Lounge stands as a timely and distinctive series that equips designers with all the essential components to create a cohesive design language while meeting the individual requirements of occupants in the evolving landscape of modern workplaces.

Jonathan Prestwich

After finishing school with a degree in industrial design, Jonathan Prestwich started his design career in Boston, Massachusetts where he stayed briefly before heading to France to work with renowned designer, Burkhard Vogtherr. After six years with Burkhard as his mentor, Jonathan moved to London where he opened his own studio. Jonathan has brought his experience together with a desire to make products for the next generation of users, fusing influences from nature and modern technology, with a goal to create simple, elegant and innovative products. Jonathan has designed many of Davis Furnitureā€™s award-winning products including LightWork, M75, Linq, Techniq, and Q6, among many others.

Founded in 1944, Davis Furniture is a leading voice in the contract furniture industry focused on placing Design at the center of every initiative while looking to the future of the workplace. Davis offers cutting-edge, innovative and aesthetically pleasing products designed and manufactured to benefit the functionality of the user and the interior. This fourth-generation, family-operated company continues to maintain the highest corporate integrity, a devoted loyalty to its customers and a never-ending dedication to design.