JESCO Lighting Debuts ML1, ML2 LED: Aimable, Dimmable Modular LED Recessed Ceiling Luminaires

JESCO - ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear 2-eNew Product Introduction:  ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear Luminaires — a new family of aimable, dimmable recessed ceiling fixtures, with one to four LED modules.  ML1 incorporates a single 20W high output two-step MacAdam COB (Chip-on-board) LED; ML2 has a single 15W COB.  Both models offer a range of narrow, medium and wide beam angles.

DesignJESCO Lighting Group In-House Product Design and Engineering Team.

ManufacturerJESCO Lighting Group, a U.S. company founded 1998.

JESCO - ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear-LU-cProduct Applications:  ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear Luminaires are a contemporary, integral, design-homogenous family of highly energy-saving recessed ceiling fixtures in four models.  Each provides aimable, dimmable pure-white downlighting from sleek low-scale architectural units, yielding all of the specifier and end-user benefits of state-of-the-art LED lighting, with lighting and design continuity; UL safety; ultra-long operating life with negligible maintenance.

ML1, ML2 designs are well suited for lighting or showcasing of merchandise showrooms, freestanding merchandise floor display, wall shelves, clothing racks and mannequins; accent/ambient or spot lighting in galleries and museums; dining and hospitality venues; building entryways, lobbies, waiting rooms, corridors; and other commercial, institutional or upscale residential interiors.

Product Description:  ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear Luminaires are unobtrusive, “neat” recessed ceiling modules with a choice of integral ceiling trims, or trimless.  Each ML1, ML2 module incorporates a single 20W or 15W high-output COB LEDs, with choices in beam spread and 2700K, 3000K and 4000K color temperature ― which are all field-changeable.  Modules are universally adjustable to eliminate dark spots or too-sharp cutoffs, and are suitable for both dry and damp locations.

JESCO - ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear-reflector-cConstruction & Finishes:  ML1, ML2 LED Modulinear units are constructed from lightweight but obviously sturdy, lasting cold-rolled steel housings.  Separate wiring compartments assure long-term operating safety and convenience.  Housings have a matte black or matte white high-temperature powder-coat painted finishes standard.  Housing trims have a choice of matte black, matte white or silver finishes. ML1, ML2 LED housings are 7.5625-inches wide by 6.625-inches high.  Module lengths are one light, 7.625-; two lights, 13.125-; three lights, 20.125-; or four lights, 27.125-inches.

Each 20W high-output ML1 COB LED emits an impressively high CRI of 1716 lumens.  The ML2 15W model provides 1000 lumens at 4000K.  The ML2 is also IC rated.  An advanced heat-sink design provides superior thermal management for 50,000-hour operation at 70% lumen maintenance.  ML1 and ML2 have a universal 120-277 VAC LED driver which delivers a high-power factor above 0.90; are Triac / ELV / 0-10V dimmable; and incorporate a self-resetting thermal protector that prevents overheating.  ML1 and ML2 LED have a double-gimbal lighthead design that allows wide adjustability and the ability to lock light modules into position.  Modules on the ML2 can also be pulled out 1” for additional adjustment and positioning.

Butterfly-style mounting brackets provide up to 5-inches vertical adjustment and accommodate EMT conduit.  Models are c-CSA-us, c-UL-us listed for dry and damp locations, respectively, with 5-year factory warranties.

Contact Information:  Learn more about JESCO advanced lighting products and capabilities by visiting:  JESCO Lighting Group’s new architect-designed plant, warehouse and corporate office is located at 15 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington (Long Island), New York 11050.  Telephone: (800) 527-7796.  Fax: (855) 265-5768.  E-mail: