Introducing The Agility Company

A new office furniture manufacturer launches to disrupt the market with its common sense solutions

New to the streets: The Agility Company, a business built to quickly respond to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Their mission? Provide results that achieve more with less.

“Our plan is to focus on what our clients actually need. No more over-engineered, over-designed products – just simple solutions that will last and impress,” said Tom Koidis, president of Agility.

Agility believes in a curated offering with their website stating “Products We Truly Believe In.” They currently sell a mix of height adjustable desking, fixed height and occasional tables, training and multi-use tables, accessories, worksurfaces, and hand sanitizers. Koidis said they have future plans to add monitor arms, privacy screens, and more.

Agility’s products promote ease, peace, and wellbeing to support people where and how they want to work. The emerging company is committed to creating transformative spaces. For company and product updates and more information, follow Agility on LinkedIn and Instagram, or visit their website at

About The Agility Company: The Agility Company is built to quickly respond to the ever-changing business needs of their customers. Through experience, ingenuity, and innovation, Agility provides results that achieve more with less: human-centric solutions that make common sense. Focused on the workplace environment, Agility works seemlessly with suppliers and organizations to deliver products their clients *actually* need. More information about Agility and their products can be found on their website: