Introducing Flexible Wood by Spinneybeck


Wood and engineered wood are made flexible with a patented incision process. Complex incisions allow textile-like properties plus create transparency and sound absorbing properties unexpected from wood products. These innovative products adapt to a wide range of applications including wall and ceiling panels, free-standing screens, and acoustic installations. Available in full sheets as well as acoustic wall panel products, the four patterns of incised wood are available in select engineered woods and hardwoods.

Flexible Wood Products: Foli Flexible Wood, Janus Flexible Wood, Linar Flexible Wood, Sonar Flexible Wood

Designer: Dukta

Wood Type Options: MDF, Baltic Birch Plywood, Douglas Fir, Walnut, White Pine Finish Options: Natural or Finished

Primary Uses: Freestanding partitions, Wall panels, Ceiling panels

Quieting the chaos, Flow and Wave will make a splash in any space. Wood ripples along the wall in these two powerhouse acoustic systems designed by Bernd Bennhinghoff. The innovative wood facing is Dukta Flexible Wood available in Baltic Birch Plywood in Natural or Finished, the sculptural wood covers an acoustic box to provide a highly- effective acoustic panel system that installs with Z-Clips. The uber-thin 10mm acoustic substrate in deep charcoal evokes shadows and accentuates the depth of the undulating forms. Flow comes in one panel size available in four different profiles that combine in a multitude of patterns; whereas Wave is comprised of standard modular panels in varied sizes that assemble in one standard configuration. Wave provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.50 and Flow delivers a 0.75 due to a polyester fleece infill to boost acoustic absorption.

Acoustic Panel Products: Flow, Still, Wave

Designer: Bernd Benninghoff

Flow Content: Flexible Wood + Acoustic Substrate with Polyester Fleece Infill

Still Content: Flexible Wood + Acoustic Substrate with Polyester Fleece Infill

Wave Content: Flexible Wood + Acoustic Substrate

Wood Type: Baltic Birch Plywood Finish Options: Natural or Finished

Flow & Still Acoustics: ASTM C 423: NRC – 0.75, SAA – 0.73 Wave Acoustics: ASTM C 423: NRC – 0.50, SAA – 0.51


About Dukta

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, Dukta has its roots in wood bending experiments. During a training course led by Serge Lunin in 2007, Christian Kuhn had the idea to create a lounger made from curved wooden elements. Together they tested alternatives including steam bending and gluing layers together but found that certain arrangements of incisions gave the wood a great deal of flexibility. Together with the Institute for Design and Technology at the ZHdK, the architecture, wood and construction departments at Bern University, as well as Schreinerei Schneider AG in Pratteln, Serge and Christian started an 18-month CTI research project to explore the possibilities of flexible wood.

From these humble beginnings, Dukta was founded in 2011. Now headed by the father and son team of Serge and Pablo Lunin, Dukta works with licensed partners throughout the world. The company has won numerous design awards including Interior Design’s Best of Year in 2015.

About Bernd Benninghoff

Bernd Benninghoff works as furniture designer and interior architect based in Mainz, Germany. Since 2000, his design studio has developed serial furniture as well as room and exhibition concepts for international clients. For Bernd, objects and spatial context are interrelated. It is important to use authentic materials and appropriate manufacturing processes, all in search of meaningful design solutions and room experiences with an independent character.

As a professor at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, he teaches in the field of material technology and leads design projects on the bachelor and master level. The project series “Material as Design Impulse”, which has been continuously implemented since 2009, is the focus of his applied materials research. Together with three partners, he founded the design collective Cabs Design.

About Spinneybeck

Spinneybeck was founded in 1962 and is recognized as a leading provider of high-quality natural materials to architects and interior designers. Over the decades, the company has evolved from a supplier of full grain, aniline dyed Italian leather for upholstery and aircraft interiors to a manufacturer of innovative architectural products that showcase the beauty and durability of natural materials.

Collaborations with industry design leaders in the fields of sculpture, architecture, interior design, and textiles have generated inventive leathers, color work, patterned wall tiles, drawer pulls, and sculpted wall systems celebrating natural materials. Regardless of the application, Spinneybeck has consistently held the same high standards for quality, originative products, environmental practices, and customer service.