Interface Flooring Collection: Desert Scapes

Inspired by the restorative qualities found within a desert landscape, Desert Scapes™ is a biophilic flooring collection of luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet and carpet tile that Interface® developed to meet the space-specific needs of healthcare facilities.

The biophilic collection delivers an integrated product suite with a cohesive design scheme that can be applied across healthcare spaces. Its soothing tones connect patients and caregivers to the natural world, leveraging the positive impacts of biophilic design, which can contribute to lower stress and improved outcomes in healthcare environments. The aesthetic and performance attributes of Desert Scapes make it suited for today’s patient-centered spaces.

Desert Scapes features three carpet tile planks – Just Deserts™, Cactus Grooves™ and Prickly as a Pear™ – in six fresh and soothing colorways. Each style reflects the desert’s transition from day to night while offering the comfort, flexibility, and ease of installation of modular carpet. The Just Deserts carpet tile style takes inspiration from dunes with its plush, natural texture, while the striations of the desert landscape are echoed in the tiny organic lines of Cactus Grooves. With a familiar, broken-lattice pattern drawn from the budding blossoms of cactus and agave, Prickly as a Pear provides a sense of calm.

With two vinyl sheet styles, Spike-tacular™ and Bloom With a View™, the Desert Scapes collection meets the specific needs of patient rooms and other healthcare spaces. Visually seamless due to their monolithic installation, both styles are engineered for design and budget flexibility while providing durability that stands up to the rigors of busy healthcare environments. Spike-tacular features an irregular horizontal texture that recalls the drifting patterns of sand, while Bloom With a View layers the texture of Spike-tacular with a floral treatment for a denser feel.

The collection also includes two 4.5 mm Sound Choice™ LVT styles – Plant-astic™ and Cactus Makes Perfect™, both in six colorways – that provide design flexibility, ease of maintenance, slip resistance, and durability in healthcare spaces. The soft cross-hatch texture of Plant-astic is similar to the look and feel of weathered burlap, while Cactus Makes Perfect incorporates a unique pattern with a soft field of cactus flower layered into the design.

Like all Interface products, the flooring styles in the Desert Scapes collection are carbon neutral across their full product life cycle through the manufacturer’s Carbon Neutral Floors™ program, making it even easier to reduce the carbon footprint of interior spaces and improve the health of the planet.