Integra Celebrating 40 Years in Business

Deena and Monroe Putnam

Integra Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-performance lounge furniture, is celebrating its 40th year in business. Founded in 1982 by Monroe Putnam, who still serves as Chief Operating Officer, Integra today is one of the few commercial furniture manufacturers that is family led and woman-owned. Monroe’s wife Deena is co-owner and Chief Executive Office, and his three children – Chandra Putnam, Tracey Putnam and Jeff Putnam – who each have worked at the company for several years, comprise the leadership team.

Monroe Putnam at Integra , 1987
Deena Putnam and Keoki at Integra , 1987
Putnams, 2013

Integra began by offering a single lounge series. It consisted of a chair, loveseat, sofa, coffee table and end table.  Today, the company designs and manufactures a complete range of high performance lounge seating that can be found in nationally recognized airports, healthcare facilities, corporate offices and educational institutions across the country.  Some of the products have received industry awards for their design, features and function.

“Since the very beginning we’ve focused on our customers, listening to what they need and responding with the best solutions possible,” said Monroe.  “We’ve been blessed with great customers and employees who believe in what we do. We celebrate our last 40 years and are looking forward to new opportunities in the coming months and years!”

Arlene Rock, Director of Administrative Services at Western New England University who oversees the school’s design initiatives, has been working with Integra for more than 20 years.  She loves Integra’s products for their long-lasting durability and design, and the company’s ability to collaborate with her on custom options.  Commented Rock:  “Their flexibility is what I feel is so great.  Integra can take their standard lines and make them more casual or give them an elegant flair by changing out the arms or legs. Integra has been a part to our school’s facilities for more than two decades, so we are celebrating this milestone achievement right there along with them.”

Chandra Putnam, Integra’s Director of Sales and Marketing, says that among all their collections over the years, two stand out as extra special:  The Alpine Collection, a design collaboration with American Airlines – Premium Services; and the Summit Series, one of their best-selling series that was born from a conversation and design criteria input from Ardis Hutchins, formerly at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Health System (UW-Health).

These are strong examples of how Integra works with its customers to create the seating products with the aesthetics, durability, function and features that are most important to the customer.

Integra Brighton Seating at airport club lounge
Integra Summit

Chandra also points out two distinguishing features that have been a part of Integra’s DNA since its founding:  Component-based design and construction and product strength.  Nearly all of Integra’s seating lines have always passed a 2,000 lb. static capacity and 1,000 lb. dynamic (drop) load capacity, both of which exceed industry standards for strength and have set the company apart from other manufacturers of lounge seating. Additionally, in 95 percent of Integra products the individual components (i.e. the arms, arm caps, backs, feet, legs and seats) can be replaced or recovered should they become damaged or worn, providing greater maintenance, sustainability, and cost-reducing benefits

A notable company highlight came in 2018 when Integra expanded from the single building it had occupied since 1993 into a second building: a 52,000-square foot facility directly across the street. That facility now handles all shipping and receiving, upholstery operations, and features a showroom where customers can view and sit in many of the comfortable Integra lounge products.

Like any company that can celebrate four decades in business, Integra has experienced ups and downs. But the core characteristics that set it apart from the beginning remain in place today. With a focus on its customers, its employees, and continually improving upon its products with input from a variety of voices, Integra is excited to celebrate the last 40 years and looks forward to the future.

Integra’s new facility, 2018

About Integra

Located in southern Wisconsin, Integra Inc., is a family-owned and women-owned and operated company that has been designing and manufacturing seating and tables for lounge and reception areas since 1982. The company started with Monroe Putnam’s patented “tube and plug” inner construction design. Since then, Integra owners, Monroe and Deena Putnam, have grown Integra into a leading company that accommodates the unique requirements of each customer and end-user, and continually adds new products that exceed customer expectations. Integra sets the standard for products with functional style, durability and flexibility combined with first-class customer service. With a focus on durability and minimizing environmental impact, all Integra seating lines have replaceable components to provide a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for any facility.