Innovations in Digital Workplace and Talent Management to be Featured at Fifth Annual Agile Workplace Conference

Hundreds of workplace strategy professionals, telework and mobile work experts and change management specialists in IT, HR, Corporate Real Estate and workplace design will gather on Sept. 15 in Washington, D.C., for a day-­long conference dedicated to the new digital workplace and human capital trends.

The Agile Workplace Conference, presented by AgilQuest, brings together the most impressive roster of speakers in the conference’s five­-year history for a jam-­packed one­-day event. Panelists, speakers and participants will share their ideas and experiences that are transforming the office into a productive and innovative environment for their organizations and an attractive place to work for their people.

The conference will be held at the Waterview Conference Center.

“Attendees will have a unique opportunity again this year to learn about innovative workplace strategies, tactics and best practices from a renowned group of workplace experts and practitioners,” said AgilQuest President and CEO John Vivadelli. “Not only will they have a chance to hear from an impressive array of industry leaders, but they will be able to see and interact with new technology and hardware designed to maximize the potential of any corporation’s facilities and workforce management program.”

Attendee and media highlights include the opportunity to:

● Be the first to hear new data, results and “lessons learned” from the latest government and business workplace pilots projects;

● Discover how psychology, surveys, process, technology and training are facilitating change within both workplace and organizational culture;

● Hear what workplace experts and practitioners in the front lines are doing in billion dollar start ups, global knowledge ­worker firms, and government agencies;

● Discover what workplace strategies and tactics work in which kinds of organizations and which do not;

● Make new friends and business connections throughout the day for peer­-to-­peer experience sharing;

● Understand where workplace technology, people and culture are headed and hear leaders and visionaries explain how that is happening and what impact it will have on us;

● Ask speakers and leaders direct questions and participate in their answers and discussions.

The conference topics are wide­-ranging, covering such themes as “Psychology’s Role in Workplace Success,” “Designing for Choice and Well­being in the Workplace,” “The Disruptive Workplace,” “The Evolution of Work and Place” and “Putting Big Data to Use Inside the Workplace.” Keynote speaker Scott McArthur of Sculpture Consulting will discuss “Why Facts Don’t Change People.”

Featured speakers include Workplace strategies director Kay Sargent of LendLease, GSA’s Chief Workplace Officer Charles G. Hardy, founder and principal Andrea Foertsch from Disruptive Space, AgilQuest’s CEO and visionary John Vivadelli, founder Jeff Langdon from Adaptive Office Resources, anthropologist and workplace expert Angela Ramer of HKS, and an array of experts from government and private industry who will be presenting at breakout sessions and workshops.

Conference Sponsors

Conference sponsors include Gensler, ASI, Steelcase, The Building People, and Work Design Magazine. 

About AgilQuest

AgilQuest connects your people with their best choices for where to work today and helps your organization manage, control and measure the use of those desks, meeting rooms, co­working sites, and other sources of of ice space. AgilQuest’s technology improves employee engagement and productivity while attracting and retaining today’s top talent.