The INDEAL 2016 and 2017 Idea Book for Healthcare Is Now Available

INDEAL is pleased to present the INDEAL 2016/2017 Idea Book for Healthcare. Showcasing a wide range of product targeted at the developing healthcare market segment, the Idea Book is an effective marketing tool for INDEAL dealers servicing the vertical market. It can be used as a prospecting piece or an idea starter. The book shipped to dealers the first week of June. The electronic version of the book is available for dealers to embed onto their own websites, providing another means for end users to instantly familiarize themselves with the scope of products available to source.

The Idea Book for Healthcare introduces a variety of the most popular products currently available from some of the most progressive healthcare furniture suppliers in the industry. Each supplier provides product that will meet the unique needs of any facility. Covering everything from the exam room to the patient room, administrative offices to reception, the concepts expressed in this Idea Book will help healthcare facilities make the most of their healing environments.

The Idea Book is grouped into four categories: Caregivers, Patients, Visitors, and Facility. The Caregivers section contains necessities for efficient, effective procedure areas; the Patients section includes patient-essentials designed with comfort and functionality in mind; the Visitors section suggests solutions for creating a warm and welcoming environment; and the Facility section contains tools to meet the professional needs of day-to-day business. INDEAL dealers can find more detailed information about all products and companies in the Idea Book by accessing the INDEAL library within My Resource Library at

About INDEAL: INDEAL adds value to dealers and suppliers in the contract office furniture industry. Membership in INDEAL provides dealers with a significant return on investment in exchange for focusing on a short list of preferred suppliers carefully selected to support and protect the dealers’ primary aligned manufacturer. In addition, INDEAL offers sophisticated marketing, training and knowledge-based programs to aid the individual dealers. Membership in INDEAL means financial growth, lower operating costs, and a more focused approach to non-aligned purchasing. It additionally supports a well-developed network of peers from all major alignments that offer support and a lively idea exchange.