Hightower becomes first manufacturer to join digital library Source

Hightower finishes page on Source
Hightower on Source -palette builder mockup with Arlo Chair

Women-owned companies partner, elevating client experience through new database

Hightower CEO Natalie Hartkopf -Hightower Seattle with samples

As the first manufacturer to join, Hightower announces its exclusive partnership with Source (tothesource.com), an enhanced digital fabric & finish database that empowers designers to evaluate products in one place, verifying that needs are met before samples are ordered.

Balancing data with creativity and information with intuition, Source is an online platform providing access to reliable details at the very beginning of the specification process. Streamlining and simplifying pricing for products, fabrics & finishes, Source was built to help designers answer the one question everyone wants to know: ‘How does this product look and feel?’ Source understands the value of empowering designers by keeping them in the picture while it also provides manufacturers the ability to control the sample shipping brand experience for their clients. The added benefit of this enhanced library tool, now available through Hightower, is that designers are freed up to seamlessly source more than 135k products in one place, allowing more time to focus on statement-making design decisions to make their projects stand out.

In partnering with Source, Hightower CEO Natalie Hartkopf considered value alignment of the two companies, particularly client experience and commitment to sustainable practices. Shared Hartkopf, “We are excited to join Nicole and her team at Source in providing a robust yet simple, truly client-focused system that evaluates products in one place. Material transparency and sustainable practices are also priorities for us, so we appreciate that Source includes filters to highlight the integrity of specific products, as well as the manufacturers themselves, to better inform and empower designers in the decision-making process.”

Source CEO Nicole Schmidt echoed the alignment of company values in partnering with Hightower saying, “By selecting Hightower products–a women-owned company already known for high quality manufacturing, material transparency, and excellent service–clients can also select approved fabrics that align with those same values. Our companies agree that it is no longer enough to simply say you value equity and inclusion; you need to embrace those values through the power of your specifications.”

As the first contract furniture manufacturer available on Source, Hightower joins partner fabric and textile brands plus many other companies as part of a powerful platform; regularly updated, accurate, reliable details for A+D including documents, images, and sustainability information all in one accessible, searchable location.

About Hightower:

Since 2003, Hightower has provided bold, unexpected, beautiful pieces aimed at improving functionality for workspace, hospitality, and educational settings all across North America. Family-founded and operated, Hightower’s leadership includes award-winning CEO Natalie Hartkopf, who continually pursues the most sought-after designs in contract interiors, setting up clients to stand out in their field. Learn more at www.hightoweraccess.com Hightower inspiration via Instagram or Pinterest @hightowergroup