HBF Textiles’ Raw Materials Brings Warmth to the Workplace

We just received some new HBF Textiles photography and had to share all of the gorgeous new images with you. The featured collection, Raw Materials, was designed by Elodie Blanchard and launched to great acclaim at NeoCon. Raw Materials emphasizes human expression and a handcrafted aesthetic. Said best by Elodie herself, the collection aims to make the “workplace feel like a second home.”

Raw Materials spans from natural textures to spontaneous, abstract patterns and colors – covering a wide yet universal range for the corporate environment. Scribble XS and Scribble XL are particularly special – as they are handpainted and sketched patterns by Elodie herself. 

Full press release:

HBF Textiles and Elodie Blanchard Create Dynamic Raw Materials Collection

– Latest Design Collaboration Transcends the Border Between Residential and Commercial Design –

HBF Textiles has partnered with Elodie Blanchard for another thoughtfully designed and beautifully constructed textile collection. The Raw Materials collection for HBF Textiles aims to make the office a ‘second home’ as opposed to a corporate environment, by adding warmth and humble designs to the workplace.

The six new fabrics found in Raw Materials are as comfortable as they are unique in their individual character. Ranging from natural and simple tones to abstract and spontaneous patterns, Raw Materials creates an inviting series that captures the essence of the yarn engaged. New designs like Double Stitch, Sideways, Outdoor Check, and Italian Wool can be used with minimal furniture and lighter woods in an open, airy office environment, in colors that are modest neutrals and vibrant hues. Scribble XS and Scribble XL are woven versions of Elodie’s stitched and painted artwork, as modern abstract art pieces that lend sophistication to work spaces and are suitable for formal and friendly offices alike.

“Incorporating my own artwork into this collection really gave Raw Materials a new meaning,” explains Elodie Blanchard. “My desire to bring an energized series of textiles to the corporate environment was something I’d been inspired to do for a long time. Seeing this vision actually come to life, interwoven into the collection, brings the entire aesthetic full circle.”

HBF Textiles’ signature craftsmanship and dedication to high quality, livable fabrics allows for the Raw Materials collection to thrive in a variety of settings. The flexibility of the collection is testament to its artistry, allowing the individual to utilize Raw Materials in a residential, office, or commercial setting – all while maintaining an exceptional level of comfort and performance.

“Designing a collection for HBF Textiles is all about balancing beauty with performance,” remarks HBF Textiles Vice President of Design and Creative Direction Mary Jo Miller. “By working hand in hand with top upholstery mills around the world, we were able to create textiles that do Elodie’s amazing vision justice. Her unique approach to texture and material perfectly align with our HBF Textiles vision, and we’re so happy to be releasing this fourth collaboration with her.”

Each fabric in the collection adds to the aesthetics of a room in its own way. From the textural Double Stitch that helps create a natural, calming environment to the vibrant Scribble XL that adds modernity and elegance to a previously sterile office, Raw Materials enlivens any space with textural excitement. Elodie’s own artwork is incorporated into both Scribble XS and Scribble XL, adding personal inspiration and artistic integrity into the collection. With Scribble XS, Elodie used her experience to stitch repeatedly a spontaneous pattern, created from a variety of gestural stitched lines using a sewing machine in a new way. Scribble XL was painted by Elodie with large gestural brush strokes to capture an energetic abstract nature. Both patterns express the hand of the maker, adding a personalized, handcrafted influence to the collection.

HBF Textiles prides itself on its quality standards and life of product, and Raw Materials is no exception. With the bleach cleanable Outdoor Check and Scribble XL, the collection reflects luxury with a performance component. With three of these fabrics averaging 80% wool content, the collection is softly woven and made to last by artisan mills carefully chosen for their experience and expertise. Four of the designs boast impressive abrasion performance with more than 98,000 double rubs.