Guadalajara City Adopts Interiors Declaration

IFI President's Message

It gives me great pleasure to share with our world community that on February 14th, held in junction with the anniversary celebration of the city of Guadalajara, city Mayor, Enrique Alfaro signed the historic IFI Interiors Declaration, thereby, acknowledging and declaring the importance of Interiors affecting life quality and well being for the people of Guadalajara.

This is the excellent work of our member Sociedad Mexicana de Interioristas AC. (SMI) who worked in conjunction with their city leaders to make the 474th city anniversary an historic occasion for the profession of Interiors.

Joining other cities in the western Hemisphere such as New York and Buenos Aries, Guadalajara became the first city in Mexico to adopt the historic document and the 120th city to do so.

IFI.Guadalajara City Adopts Interiors Declaration
L-R: Members of the IFI board Roberto Lucena, Lilia De Jesus, President-Elect Steve Leung, President Sebastiano Raneri, Guadalajara city Mayor Enrique Alfaro, National president of SMI Arq. Julio Cesar Chavez, Executive Board Member and National Vice-President of SMI Lucy Topete,Executive Board Member Albert Fakhoury and Ex-Officio Executive Committee Member Titi Ogufere Courtesy of Lucy Topete/SMI

Guadalajara City, the third largest in Mexico and a major commercial hub in north-central Mexico, played host to the first IFI Executive board meeting of the 2015-2017 term. A most productive and energetic board meeting was followed by the rich, official ceremony and celebrations held at City Hall located the in the historic city center. The Municipal Mayor of Guadalajara presided over this momentous and important occasion.

Arq. Julio Cesar Chavez, president of SMI, national head of the largest association of Latin America and Mexico, has more than 1,500 members and partnerships with several countries of America and Europe. Supported by IFI Executive Board Member and National Vice-President of SMI Lucy Topete, the distinguished IFI Board enjoyed several long days of work supporting international relations, furthering the IFI mandate and the Mexican hospitality. In partnership with SMI, IFI is able to further promote design awareness and champion those who help raise design standards within the industry today and into the future.

IFI.Guadalajara City Adopts Interiors Declaration-2
Mayor Enrique Alfaro and President Sebastiano Raneri signing the declaration flanked by President-Elect Steve Leung and President of SMI Julio Cesar Chavez Courtesy of Lucy Topete/SMI

SMI exemplifies its IFI membership through its continued efforts to promote the profession, education, and fellowship within the design industry.

Declaration Adoption’s such as this are a core mandate of IFI under the IFI advocacy/Policy platform. By adopting the Declaration, the city of Guadalajara took major steps forward towards the recognition and protection of the designed build environment, essential for of all people.

I am also happy to announce that the Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID), our UAE member, has now translated Interiors Declaration into Arabic. This is always the first step toward general and public communication of the Declaration content and its importance.

In a global world, interior design and interior architecture must play a srtong role in facilitating the retention of cultural diversity.  APID has devoted considerable time and attention to the preparation of this translation for the benefit and use of professionals, schools, corporations, and those generally interested in Interior Architecture/Design across the Arab speaking world. This new and additional translation joins the other 9 global language translations.

IFI.Guadalajara City Adopts Interiors Declaration-3
Members of the board sit alongside members of SMI in celebration of the 474th anniversary of Guadalajara Courtesy of Lucy Topete/SMI

I take this opportunity to most publically thank Sociedad Mexicana de Interioristas AC. (SMI) for their invaluable service to the Interiors profession. We look forward to continuing to build our relationship with Mexico and Latin America with the help of these committed friendships and collegialities.

We at IFI are committed to this important work of Advocacy and Policy for the profession and to continuing to work to promoting the Interiors Declaration and the tenants set forth within. This, as always, in partnership with and in full support of our members worldwide.


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