Framery Announces A Product Offering in Perfect Harmony

White, Powder Blue, Winter Moss, Sand, and Blush (left to right)

As of October 2022, Workplace pod manufacturer Framery has harmonized the brand’s product offering to more effectively suit the needs of modern offices around the world. The Framery One exterior color palette will be exclusively implemented across the entire Framery product family (Framery O, Framery Q, and Framery 2Q), including: White, Black, Gray, Navy, Powder Blue, Sand, Blush, and Winter Moss.

“We’re excited to synergize our product offering for all Framery pods,” says Framery’s Head of Product Lasse Karvinen. “For our brand, this really boils down to modernizing and harmonizing our products to be more reflective of our customers’ needs. We’re always looking for new ways to support our customer base and we believe that this will simplify and progress the buying process.”

In addition to product harmonization, Framery Q will have three different variations available including: Flow, Meeting Maggie, and Flip N’ Fold. In place of the original Framery Q Working With Pal, Framery is rolling out Framery Q upgrades such as Meeting Maggie Premium, which is designed specially for hybrid work and video conferencing. Overall, the new pod layouts will be optimized for modern day office needs.

Framery Q Flow, Meeting Maggie, and Flip N’ Fold (left to right)

Originally rolled out with the initial launch of Framery One in February 2021, the calming color palette came as a result of rigorous research into workplace industry demand. Framery’s exterior color offerings combine modern and classic sensibility with softer, yet distinguished tones that lend to warmer, more approachable corporate interiors.