Flos Skynest: Hypnotizing Woven Light

A combination of technological innovation and whimsical design, Skynest is Flos’ newest pendant made in collaboration with Marcel Wanders.

Skynest is designed for sustainability – LED strips pass through recycled (and recyclable!) woven polyester fabric tubes creating a basket-like pattern, bringing an artisanal yet sophisticated energy to interiors. Micro-connectors keep each piece in place and make it possible for the pendant to easily be fully disassembled for repairs, replacements, and proper recycling.

Photo credit Alessandro Oliva

“By weaving streaks of light, this pendant perfectly combines elegance and innovation. Delicate textile tubes, integrated with LED lights, are woven like threads along the structure of the lamp creating a unique surprise element that challenges the archetype of bulb lighting. Designed to last, Skynest poetically blends the tradition of handcrafted weaving with innovative lighting techniques to create a timeless piece of design”. – Marcel Wanders

“We are poets, secretly engineering”.  – Marcel Wanders, Creative Director, Marcel Wanders

Skynest is a delicate lamp that nonetheless also has great stage presence and it marks Marcel Wanders’ return to the theme of the suspended dome, already explored the best and long seller Skygarden, featuring plaster decorations.

Skynest: the unexpected light

Skynest has the typical pendant light shape, with a central core and with what, at first glance, looks like a lampshade. The light, however, is not emitted by a bulb or by an LED board, but by the elements that form the structure of the lampshade: LED strips covered in fabric.

Skynest is in fact composed of 24 LED light sticks covered with a two-tone textile texture. The light is emitted from one side only, the white one, while the color of the fabric remains visible on the outside. The intersection of the various light elements with 48 other colored rods on both sides gives life to the lamp: an ethereal, very light presence, clearly inspired by the world of craftsmanship yet unexpectedly technological.

Technological craftsmanship

Marcel Wanders’ intuition is to propose weaving as a new light source. Using weaves to create lampshades is almost a standard in artisan-inspired lighting, yet the change of perspective, that is to say making the basket the source of light itself, transforms Skynest into an innovative and surprising piece of design. A bridge between two worlds that, more and more, come closer in our contemporary feeling.

To carry out the project by Marcel Wanders, the Flos technical department worked with strip-LEDs coated with a tubular fabric, a sock made of recycled polyester threaded onto the rod. These are customary materials, but are assembled in a new way: in this sense, Skynest is an exact representation of design innovation, obtained by rethinking the existing and embodying the union between industry, technology and craftsmanship.

Even the name, Skynest, is strongly evocative: in addition to recalling Wanders’ previous masterpiece, it suggests the idea of a nest of light suspended in the sky, a dreamy and poetic image.

Design for sustainability

Although the image is sophisticated, the construction of Skynest is simple as it is modular. Each element is inserted between the central core and the perimeter ring thanks to special jacks that ensure the passage of current and maintain the shape of the dome.

As a consequence, each luminous element can be easily disassembled in view of any repairs and replacements; at the end of its life, the whole lamp can be disassembled for the correct recycling of each element.

Two variants, four colors

Skynest is available in two variants (suspended, ceiling-mounted) and in four colors: Anthracite, which replaces the classic black; Almond, replacing the traditional white; Brick, as a warm and characterful color; and finally an elegant Tourmaline Blue.

In line with Flos’ new approach, Skynest is also ready for production and will soon enter the collection on the market.