FilzFelt: Sound Softening on the Cutting Edge

Four New Designs by Submaterial

Four new designs in 100% Wool Design Felt expand on the acoustic wall collection from the Albuquerque-based team at Submaterial. Taking advantage of the material’s inherent thickness, these playful patterns feature Submaterial’s signature on-edge detailing and curvilinear shapes. Arcade, Ion, Rise, and Velo draw inspiration from the geography and landscape of New Mexico, historical architecture, and mid-century graphic design patterning.

But don’t be deceived by their playful patterning. These panels mask a power-house substrate that packs a serious, sound-soaking punch. Keep it simple with a monochromatic color scheme, or customize by switching up the design’s on-edge and background colors to create a multi-color aesthetic that pops off the wall.


About Submaterial

Inspired by the surrounding landscape in New Mexico, the designs by the team at Submaterial aim to connect us to the world around us through natural and renewable materials. On their surface, their designs have a clean, simple geometry balanced by unexpected warmth. The flowing forms are precisely crafted by hand in natural materials, and yet every product also reveals something about the underlying design and fabrication process. This emphasis on natural materials and the scalable, modular qualities of the designs have placed Submaterial in a unique niche within the architecture and interior design community.