Feather Launches Expanded WFH Collection

Furniture Rental Company Also Debuts Home Decor Category Featuring Rugs, Mirrors and Artwork

Today, Feather, a company that’s redefining furniture rental, launches 200+ new items designed and manufactured exclusively for Feather customers. Feather’s private label focuses on versatility, comfort and sustainability. In addition to new furniture, this is also the official launch of several innovative product categories in home decor. For the first time, Feather is offering rugs and artwork in their rental assortment.

“We’ve wanted to fully own and diversify Feather’s signature assortment since first starting the company, and we’re excited to see it come to fruition in such a significant way,” said Jay Reno, Founder and CEO of Feather. “Our vision is to provide flexibility, quality and comfort to our customers as they navigate their changing lives, so we’ve manufactured our assortment to not only reflect their style preferences, but also to meet the functional needs of small-space living.”

Feather Furniture is collectively designed to provide a streamlined shopping experience. These items are also built to tackle the unique challenges that renters face—like odd floor plans, small spaces, and limited storage. Customers can easily mix-and-match furniture without feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

“We’ve married a timeless and modern aesthetic with an economy of design that makes the pieces not only beautiful, but also multi-purpose,” said Kendra Ovesen, VP of Merchandising at Feather. “Whether that’s a charging station built into a side table, a coffee table that transitions to extra bench seating when guests are over, or nesting tables that can be easily stored when they’re not in use, Feather Furniture allows our customers to conveniently build a home they love.”

This new furniture and decor represents another significant step towards greater circularity and sustainability for Feather. By designing and manufacturing items with component parts made from durable materials, Feather offers the highest standards of quality for its customers while also forging a new path in furniture. Feather’s in-house refurbishment extends the life of each item by ensuring that wear-and-tear can be isolated and repaired in a targeted way. Additionally, the use of sustainable materials including FSC certified wood, indigeonous woods that are more abundantly available, more natural and water-based finishes, and glues and stains with low or no VOC emissions ultimately contribute to a more environmentally responsible product.

Earlier this year, Feather succeeded in offsetting the carbon emissions of its domestic deliveries and pledged to join Pachama in reforestation efforts in South America.

Feather Furniture can be found at www.livefeather.com, with service available in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County; additional cities to be announced soon.


Launched in 2017, Feather is the next-generation furniture and home decor rental service that makes it possible for people to find beautiful furniture quickly, without the upfront cost and commitment of traditional retail. For $19/mo, customers can choose from 350+ pieces of expertly-curated furniture and home decor and get free delivery and assembly within a week. If life changes, members have the option to swap or return any item, or choose to put their payments toward the purchase of their furniture. Feather is passionate about keeping furniture in homes and out of landfills, and is proud to continually offset the carbon emissions of its domestic operations. Feather currently serves New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County. For more information, visit livefeather.com.