High-Flying DIRTT

DIRTT has the penthouse at 325 North Wells, across the street from the Merchandise Mart. Last Sunday while many companies were busily working on showrooms inside the Mart, outside DIRTT was helicoptering-in the massive, partially assembled timber elements constituting the crux of this year’s display.

The pinpoint precision of the helicopter pilot was evident when he set down all seven loads of beautiful timber, some of it with giant curves, on the small roof area – all in 20 minutes.

The helicopter lift caused Wacker Drive, Wells Street and even the Chicago River to be closed down so joggers and drivers wouldn’t be put in danger during the 20 minutes it took for the entire procedure. The alternative to have a crane deliver the timbers was out of the question, because the crane would stretch over the nearby train tracks. A no-no in the transportation biz.

The crew on the roof quickly delivered the timbers into the DIRTT Green Learning Center and started assembling the dramatic and large demonstration of the company’s approach to construction. The entire thing should be erected in less than three days and ready for the integration of, what else at DIRTT, a wine room!

We’re excited to see the results when we arrive in Chicago in a few weeks…June 10th for us. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Check out the video: DIRTT Helicopter Ride