DIRTT Files Claims for Patent Infringement Against Allsteel

Claiming that Allsteel’s Beyond(R) products infringe its patent rights, DIRTT Environmental Solutions (“DIRTT”) has filed claims against that company seeking damages and an injunction for patent infringement.

As a leading innovator in the reconfigurable wall market, DIRTT has developed numerous systems and technologies directed toward the design, layout and function of architectural spaces, and in particular at making reconfigurable walls easier to install, less expensive, more versatile, and aesthetically pleasing. DIRTT regularly protects these competitive advantages by obtaining patents on its inventions. DIRTT owns more than 200 patents or pending patent applications throughout the world, of which U.S. Patent No. 8,024,901 forms an integral part of DIRTT’s complaint against Allsteel.

As a leading innovator, DIRTT is dedicated to both respecting the intellectual property of others and to defending its own intellectual property. “Many companies are unwilling to invest the time and resources to develop new ideas and products,” said DIRTT CEO Mogens Smed. “Instead, those companies seek to leverage off of the hard work of the industry leaders. We recognize this at DIRTT and have chosen to be innovative leaders, not followers. Our partners and customers recognize this value, and we will continue to take the steps necessary to preserve that value for them.”


DIRTT Environmental Solutions (Doing it Right This Time) uses its proprietary 3D software to design, manufacture and install fully customized prefabricated interiors. The Company’s customers in the corporate, government, education and healthcare sectors benefit from DIRTT’s precise design and costing; rapid lead times with the highest levels of customization and flexibility; and faster, cleaner construction.

DIRTT’s manufacturing facilities are in Phoenix, Savannah, Kelowna and Calgary. DIRTT’s team supports 98 Distribution Partners throughout North America, the Middle East and Asia. DIRTT trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol “DRT.” For more information visit www.dirtt.net.