Design Talks NOW Continues in July with Spotlight on Norwegian Design

After a month of compelling discussions in June, Design Pavilion is excited to announce the FULL July schedule for Design Talks NOW. With architects, designers and thought-leaders from Snøhetta, Columbia University, and Vestre to name a few, this month is packed full of more culturally-relevant programming.

The next three talks, which are scheduled for July 14, 15 and 16, call upon some of Norway’s leading architects, designers, and manufacturers. Dubbed ‘NORWAY DESIGN: Symbiosis With Nature,’ this series will investigate how design can better serve humanity through a commitment to sustainability. Later this month, ‘LATVIA DESIGN: Refined Heritage’ will debate the use of modern technology to preserve cultural heritage, and finally, ‘Innovation, Beauty, and New Adjustable Ways of Living’ will explore how architectural practice can be applied to manage social and environmental crises. To register for any or all of these talks, click here.

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