DESALTO | New Logo


The restyling of the logo is part of the renewal process started by Desalto in 2017, to seal the metamorphosis (the skin change) of the Company towards a fresher and up-to-date style, yet remaining coherent with the values in its DNA.

The graphical approach is clean, rigorous and minimal, in line with the characterizing features of both the Company and its collection.

The logo becomes horizontal, with a geometrical font and with a more contemporary twist. The letter A takes on a primary role, as a distinguishing element, gaining a new dimension in its three-dimensional volume, representing the iconic matter shaped by the industrial world. Solid as the technical story of  a product, factual and functional, the immutable aspect that represents the quality of the object and a celebration of pure design that conquers the surrounding space.

Via Per Montesolaro
22063 Cantù (Como) – Italy
T +39 031 7832211
F +39 031 7832290