Davis Furniture Unveils Reimagined Flagship NYC Showroom

Davis Furniture proudly announces the grand reopening of its renovated flagship showroom at 200 Lexington in the heart of New York City. The revitalized space not only showcases Davis’ latest products but also reflects upon the brand’s commitment to harmonizing its globally-inspired designs with dynamic aspirational trends within interior design.

Crafted through a company-wide collaboration led by Davis’ VP of Design and Development, Rob Easton, and Creative Director, Joseph Namyst, the showroom represents a transformative journey into the essence of Davis’ enchanting brand. The result is an immersive experience transcending conventional office design, embracing the intersection of hospitality aesthetics and corporate interiors.

“This design journey allowed us to infuse the quiet luxury of modern hotels with the latest trends in corporate interior design. We aimed to craft an atmosphere beyond mere display and functionality, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an aspirational space where every detail reflects the essence of Davis Furniture.”  Joseph Namyst, Creative Director, Davis Furniture

At the core of this redesign is meticulous attention to detail, creating an inspirational and inviting atmosphere. The showroom mirrors the allure of a boutique hotel – chic, comfortable, and resonating with subtle luxury. A sumptuous materials palette featuring furniture adorned in jewel-tone hues and opulent textures elevates the sensory experience.

One highlight is the Davis Materials Wall, showcasing the company’s comprehensive color and materiality story. From wood finishes to powder coat colors, FENIX Innovative Materials to laminates, and the recently introduced Aurora Leather Collection – this display offers a captivating journey through the brand’s diverse finishes. This helpful tool allows clients to explore the seemingly unlimited options for finish specifications available to them.

Introducing a new dimension is the Elements display, highlighting Davis’ interior accessories. Geometric walls layered upon a custom ombre wall covering backdrop showcase new and classic designs in a jovial way, referencing the manufacturer’s unique sub-brand. This curated exhibition weaves Davis Elements into the brand narrative, creating a memorable connection to this dynamic collection of coat hooks, racks, umbrella stands, and side tables.

“This new showroom is a testament to our commitment to presenting Davis’ product offerings in a fresh and inspiring way. Collaborating on this project has allowed us to showcase our latest collections in a manner that aligns seamlessly with our brand narrative. From the vast Materials Wall to the curated Elements display, every corner tells a story of innovation, sophistication, and the distinctiveness of Davis Furniture.” Rob Easton, VP of Design and Development, Davis Furniture

Davis’ latest collections are central to the showcase, including the Casen Lounge and Cape Modular Lounge, providing a glimpse into multiple ways that one can blend work and leisure in office or hotel settings. Noteworthy additions also include the Vida Table Series and Seba Mobile Seating Collection, exemplifying the brand’s commitment to cutting-edge design and innovation within small meeting and even large conferencing applications.

The reopening of the Davis Furniture flagship showroom signifies not only a physical space transformation but an aspirational journey into the realm of unforgettable design. It is an ode to timeless luxury, setting the stage for a new era in high-end, on-trend, and chic interior experiences, which Davis Furniture has positioned itself to embody seamlessly. Operated by the esteemed Napier + Joseph + McNamara (NJM) Rep Group, this latest Davis Showroom invites visitors to experience its transformative ambiance Monday through Friday by appointment only.

“Every time I walk through this showroom, I discover another thoughtfully designed detail. The seamless collaboration among the Davis team, blending design, marketing, sales, and manufacturing, is truly unmatched. You can even feel every team member’s contribution as you walk through the cohesive and harmonious space. The Davis crew has not only brought forward the best in design but has done so with a keen understanding of the total context of what sales need. It’s a testament to the exceptional teamwork and dedication that defines Davis Furniture.” Caroline Mattar, Partner, NJM

Founded in 1944, Davis Furniture is a leading voice in the contract furniture industry focused on placing Design at the center of every initiative while looking to the future of the workplace. Davis offers cutting-edge, innovative and aesthetically pleasing products designed and manufactured to benefit the functionality of the user and the interior. This fourth-generation, family-operated company continues to maintain the highest corporate integrity, a devoted loyalty to its customers and a never-ending dedication to design.