Davis Furniture: Choosing Color, Materiality and Design

The Davis Color Story gives designers seemingly endless options to choose from including of Walnut, Oak, Ash veneers, powder coats, laminates, leathers and more.
The Aurora Leather Collection contains 60 custom hues that coordinate effortlessly with the Davis Color Story.

The Davis Color Story continues to expand with the release of the Aurora Leather Collection.

Rooted in a rich history of developing globally-inspired products and offering them in unique colors and materials, Davis Furniture has long been recognized for its commitment to providing uplifting, aspirational designs created with integrity and high-quality craftsmanship. For the past 75 years, Davis has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to pursuing unique furniture solutions that enhance the spaces they occupy – from ergonomics to aesthetics. Through firmly believing that design is about choice, Davis has recently invested in redeveloping its materiality and finishes program. The result is an impressive palette of powder coats, wood veneer finishes, laminates and leathers that coordinate together and thus establish the captivating Davis Color Story.

“Our mission is to offer products that elevate the environments they occupy so that individuals can do their best work. We believe our materiality and color offering closely align with that vision, and therefore, these “building blocks” of good design need to continue to adapt and evolve with the inspiring and influential product designs that we offer.” – Joseph Namyst, Creative Director

While developing this unique offering, Davis’ team reviewed global market trends and combined that information with observations of the products’ specifications manufactured in their facilities. As a result, Davis’ team uncovered how certain cultural, fashion, architectural and design trends influenced its clients’ furniture specifications. Combining these trends with a deep understanding of the strengths within its finishes’ selection and opportunities for growth allowed the Davis team to curate a comprehensive palette that combined classic Davis colors with new trends. The results feature nature-inspired hues alongside luxurious jewel tones creating an aesthetic that is globally-inspired and yet uniquely Davis.

Various powder coats from Davis’ Color Trends line
Helio Tables by jehs+laub shown in Teal, Blu Fes and Light Sage powder coats

Powder Coats

Sourced from a leading powder coat supplier in Switzerland and finished in Davis Furniture’s powder coating facility in High Point, NC, Davis’ powder coats represent the utmost quality for aesthetics, economics and sustainability. By leveraging an innovative powder coating formula, this offering achieves the best possible values in terms of color fastness and durability, including the highest level of quality and reliability in the industry. Adding an exciting vibrancy to Davis’ Color Story, the company’s extensive powder coat offering now features over 30 hues for designers to discover.

Divided into categories from classic Neutrals to illustrious Pearls and bold Color Trends, these colors are now available as standard on most Davis products. For Color Trends, Davis’ team worked directly with its Swiss supplier to create custom colors that would help define and differentiate the Davis Color Story. Another, perhaps unexpected aspect of Davis’ powder coating offering, is its Fenix™ powder coats which pair seamlessly with Fenix™ Innovative Materials. The only manufacturer within the US to supply coordinating powder coats with this luxurious surface material, Davis Furniture expressly demonstrates its commitment to providing design options creating a solemn, monochromatic aesthetic or dynamic, trendy interiors.

The A-Chair by jehs+laub shown in Davis’ five walnut veneer finishes

Wood Veneers + Laminates

Arising from this new color story is a wood finish offering that includes walnut, oak and ash veneers. Now available in 16 shades which range from pure, natural wood finishes to bleached and smoky tones. The series manifested itself after analyzing thousands of wood finishes created in Davis’ finishing facility. Its highly curated selection provides designers with an alluring set of veneer finishes that focus on enhancing the natural beauty of the wood while providing for a variety of enduring aesthetics.

The coordinating standard laminates program offers a highly durable solution for high-traffic applications and features a set of eight neutral solids and nine wood grains. The faux wood finishes echo a similar sentiment as the company’s wood veneer offering while featuring a natural grain texture. A collection of nine Fenix™ Innovative Materials are also included in this category and add a soft-touch and luxuriously modern texture to Davis’ surfaces.

The Aurora Leather Collection is made in Italy with the top 3% of graded hides.
The Linq Chair by Jonathan Prestwich upholstered in Aurora Leather and powder coated in Anthracite

Aurora Leather Collection

Its most recent addition, the Aurora Leather Collection, rounds out Davis’ selection of materials. Developed through a collaboration with Tiger Leather, this unique collection contains 60 custom hues that align with the observed trends while coordinating with Davis’ overall color story. Made in Italy with the top 3% of graded hides, Aurora’s lightly embossed hides are rated at the highest quality standard within the leather industry and feature a smooth, soft hand and mild sheen. The cleaning agents used in its manufacturing are water-soluble and adhere to the strictest sustainability standards. Finished with Iconic® antimicrobial and cleanable formula for enhanced luster and longevity, Aurora Leather also resists and repels harmful microorganisms, including bacteria, mold and mildew. Engineered to withstand the most challenging stains, this profoundly durable leather can be easily cleaned when promptly treated with Tiger Leather’s Iconic® Cleaning Wipes. With its superior craftsmanship, quality and durability, Aurora Leather is ideal for the contract furniture and hospitality markets.

“As our world continues to adapt and evolve, we’re excited to be a part of the future design narrative through our dynamic designs, materials and colors for the office, home and everywhere in-between.” – Rob Easton, VP of Product and Development

A palette created from the Aurora Leather Collection’s warm tones

The Davis Color Story

By demonstrating the importance of embracing color within Davis’ narrative, not merely through its finishes, veneers and leathers, Davis has transformed the style of much of its photography through a novel strategy. Through creating color-saturated imagery that coordinate with its Davis Color Story, the modern furniture manufacturer has extended its proprietary color story into its brand, thus further establishing its thought leadership within color, materiality and design. This aspirational photography accentuates the hues selected in the program, as it shares Davis’ unique outlook on color through its abstract imagery and color-saturated vignettes. Moody, high contrast settings have become the backdrops for Davis’ newest images, highlighting the distinctive silhouettes of its furniture while further emphasizing the materials and colors used to create it.

“Through color and design, we can help create a promising future filled with infinite potential. As we release our Davis Color Story, we feel it is important to share that anecdote through our brand’s photography and showrooms. We want the design community to instantly recognize Davis Furniture not only because of our globally- inspired designs but also through our uplifting, aspirational color story.” – Joseph Namyst, Creative Director

Through pushing the boundaries of product design, manufacturing, color and materiality, Davis Furniture continues to enhance its support of the design community. This fourth-generation, family-operated company continues to maintain the highest corporate integrity, a devoted loyalty to its customers and a never-ending dedication to design. Through aesthetics and functionality, Davis’ products enhance the spaces they occupy and those who use them. By offering this impressive selection of finishes, Davis’ design-driven portfolio is poised to excite, captivate and empower designers as they help create a vivid world.

The building blocks of good design – Davis’ finishes were designed to be mixed and matched together to create a palette of seemingly endless possibilities.