Category Defining Product Wins Gold and Best in Show at KBIS

The Siam Cement Group (SCG) is thrilled to announce that GEOLUXE® has received the two highest honors at KBIS 2017Kitchen Gold and Best in Show. Making its North American debut, GEOLUXE® is a category defining product that offers the ultimate combination of elegance and performance for the kitchen and bath industry, remaining true to the prestige and stunning aesthetics of natural marble while simultaneously overcoming the limitations often associated with the material.

GEOLUXE® is a Pyrolithic Stone™ which derives its name from a combination of three words. Pyro; a mineralogy term denoting a mineral that is formed or affected by heat, Litho; Greek for of or relating to stone, and Stone; a material inspired from marble, resembling the beauty of the natural stone. Consisting of 100% mineral based materials, GEOLUXE® is made using an exclusive patented technology developed by SCG called GeoMimicry© which is the process of creating something that draws on or mimics long-term geological processes such as the natural formation of lava.

In addition to its remarkable aesthetic resemblance to the classical elegance of natural marble,GEOLUXE® is a uniquely advantageous product with incomparable performance features for both indoor and outdoor applications. A unique combination of properties that include stain, chemical, scratch, heat and frost resistance allow for easy maintenance and unmatched durability.

Available in seven unique styles and two sizes: 24” x 48” x 3/8” thick Slab or 55” x 126”x ¾” thick Tiles, GEOLUXE® aims to recreate exotic marbles from around the world.

Eramo, inspired by the brown Canadian stone with noble characteristics that have charmed architects for centuries, features a warm color that has been utilized in the construction of elegant palaces and cathedrals all over the world.

Bluette features a unique combination of gray and blue veins resembling Italian dolomite marble and is the ideal design for an opulent interior stone wall, floor or countertop.

Palissandro is named for the classic Italian marble with the same name. This white and blue marble is interpreted from the characteristic of the fine-grained, veined white marble found in dolomites. Dark and mysterious,

Aliveri represents the truly exquisite Greek calcareous marble marked by white veining over a dark gray setting, signifying a classic and sophisticated contrast.

Dionysos epitomizes the Greek city located northeast of Athens’ center, featuring a pure white background with light gray veins that elegantly flow across the slab.

Embodying warmth and comfort, Nestos Royal aligns strands of white and cream to resemble the wood grain characteristic found only in actual Nestos marble.

Nestos Gray, inspired by the Greek marble of the same name, features resolute bands of stately gray with notes of white, silver and beige and works well in both classic and modern applications.

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