Bolon’s Graphic Collection Refresh

Duo Beige

Bolon, the Swedish design company that specializes in innovative and sustainable flooring and rug solutions, is relaunching Graphic ‚Äď a collection of four sophisticated patterns in a variety of elegant and timeless colors. Available exclusively in North America through¬†Matter Surfaces, Graphic is derived from a selection of classic textile patterns designed to stand the test of time – true classics that are never ordinary.

Graphic opens up the opportunity for new mixing and matching with other Bolon designs and is suitable for both small and large-scale projects. Several classics remain and are joined by a new stripe as well as a new elegant warp color – cinnamon.

‚ÄúIn developing the new warp color, we were looking for a shade with the perfect balance of a comforting, soft brown and spicy orange. Just like the name Cinnamon indicates, we found a warm, sweet neutral color with confidence,‚ÄĚ said Lisa Jarhult, Product Developer and Designer at Bolon.

Herringbone Cinnamon
Graphic Tan

The collection consists of four timeless patterns in some new colors: Herringbone in Cinnamon (joins Black and Beige), a true classic zigzag; Graphic Tan (joins Graphic String, Graphic Mache, Graphic Etch), this is a group with a discrete pattern that blends in without ever being ordinary; Gradient in Brown (joins Black) celebrates eclectic aesthetics with soft textile references; and the newcomer Duo Рin Beige, Grey, Cinnamon. Duo is a symmetrical stripe that is both elegant and edgy and comes in three unique colorways Рone crisp, one soft, and one spicy.

Gradient Brown
Duo Grey

All Bolon products are manufactured in Sweden and contain 68% recycled material. The factory runs on 100% renewable energy and all waste generated is either recycled or energy-recovered, with zero waste going to landfills from production.