BIFMA Annual Meeting Presentation: Change Happens! with Brian Ramsey, Founder, Making Way Service

BIFMA Breakfast and Annual Business Meeting
June 15, 2022 | NeoCon Presentation Studio | 2nd floor The Mart
Presentation: Change Happens

In times of disruption, change is inevitable. Today change is coming from different directions impacting most every aspect the business. While BIFMA has hosted conversations in dealing with specific changes in the industry, today we will take a pause to explore how these external drivers influence internal organizational change, practical methods for making those changes and helping teams transition through them.

Brian Ramsey, Founder of Making Way Services will join us to discuss:

  1. Why Organizations struggle with Change
  2. Methodology to Design and Lead Organization Change

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Brian Ramsey, Founder, Making Way Service

Brian Ramsey is a management consultant/advisor with over three decades of C-suite leadership experience in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. He holds BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois and a Master of Management from Northwestern University.

Mr. Ramsey began his career with an engineering consulting firm designing safety-related systems for nuclear power facilities. As a business unit manager and business development manager he experienced three acquisitions as his company became part of larger multi-national organizations.

As construction of new nuclear power facilities faded, Mr. Ramsey joined a startup company, ASC Services (owned in part by PricewaterhouseCoopers & Jacobs), providing Design & Construction services as part of an outsourcing initiative undertaken by Ameritech, a large Midwest telecom company. As Sr. VP, and later President & CEO, Brian was responsible for operations, organizational change, process development, personnel development, and transition. He designed and led a series of organizational change initiatives to build the new company around ninety Ameritech corporate staff employees across five states into a cohesive professional services firm. ASC’s success created the opportunity to sell the design and engineering division of ASC to a large national AE firm and reseat other employees with SBC who acquired Ameritech.

Once completing the transition of ASC personnel, Mr. Ramsey became the President of F E Moran Special Hazards Systems where he successfully led the troubled business unit into one of the most profitable business unit within two years. He later became President and Chief Development Officer of the corporate holding company, F E Moran Group of Companies, leading five specialty contracting companies under common ownership. Major organizational changes along the way included implementation of a new ERP system, marketing and sales management systems, talent acquisition and development systems, performance management and compensation systems, business and succession planning, risk management programs, along with the integration of three acquisitions.

Recently retiring from full-time employment, yet still energized by seeing businesses thrive, Brian formed Making Way Services to help firms working in and around the AEC industry get more from their business and navigate their way forward.

Mr. Ramsey and his wife live in the Chicago area. They have been avid boaters for 27 years capping off their experience with a 53-week, 5,420-mile journey completing America’s Great Loop in 2019 on their 1989 trawler.

About Making Way Services 

What’s behind the name “Making Way Services”?

“Making Way” is a nautical term describing a vessel moving through water via propellers, oars or sails allowing the rudder to control the vessel’s direction.  The mission of Making Ways Services is to help firms begin “making way” through transition towards their desired destination.