Banker Wire Unveils New Zigzag Pattern

TXZ-3 is the latest pattern from Banker Wire, a worldwide manufacturer of woven and welded wire mesh products. The company blends function, form, beauty and style into its wire mesh for architectural and industrial applications.

The TXZ-3 wire mesh pattern showcases a unique zigzag arrangement that reflects light at all angles for both flat and round crimped wires. Because of its pattern-within-a-pattern weave, TXZ-3 changes in appearance depending on the perspective of the viewer whether that’s moving from side to side or experiencing it up-close versus from afar. The combination of the large, zigzag surface of the wire and the stainless steel or plain steel surface creates a distinctly visual weave. Banker Wire utilized a four-heddle loom to create this dynamic arrangement.

This product is also available in three secondary finishes:

  • PVD, an enhanced, lasting architectural finish in colors such as Chocolate, Champagne, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, Cobalt Blue, and Royal Gold.

  • Powder Coating, a cost-effective way to add an unlimited range of colors to wire mesh while adding a durable coating.

  • Plated, a thin layer of brass, nickel, chrome, or copper is deposited on the wire mesh surface.