A new addition to Flos’ Bellhop collection – Bellhop Floor by Barber & Osgerby

Flos’ popular Bellhop Collection by design duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby is welcoming an eccentric but enriched addition to the family – Bellhop Floor. An elegant and discreet presence, but with a strong personality, the designers flipped the top of the existing collection and added a combination of new materials for the floor version: concrete, aluminum, and glass.

The original inspiration for Bellhop was the desire to create an object that would feature a kind light full of personality, resulting in contemporary, battery-powered, candle-like light to take from one room to the other. Barber and Osgerby developed a whole collection for Flos that was later enriched with wall models and outdoor bollards. Where table lamps are often discreet, the Bellhop Floor completes the family with a more sculptural character.

Bellhop Floor features  a stable concrete base and an aluminum body available in four colors: brown, green, red and white. The diffusers are white for all of the color options, except for white, where the diffuser is grey.