9to5 Seating Launches Sustainable Stacking Standout HÅG Celi

Innovative motion seating uses inBalance® technology for increased productivity

9to5 Seating announces the release of its latest sustainable and groundbreaking multipurpose chair—HÅG Celi. A standout among even the most environmentally friendly seating products, HÅG Celi is built with innovative ergonomic technology unheard of in a stacking chair. Its design is playful and inviting for meeting or training areas, conference rooms, cafes and open workspaces.

HÅG Celi fosters wellness and concentration through design that’s colorful and innovative. The frame is available in four warm colors that can be matched on the plastic seat and back for a stylish monochromatic look, or paired with a complementary color for a personalized color combination. Combine with hundreds of textile options, and HÅG Celi empowers designers with endless possibilities. And with HÅG inBalance® technology, a gentle, designed-in rocking motion in the seat and back fosters movement — a well-being feature unheard of in a stacking chair.

Made from more than 76% post-consumer recycled and renewable materials, HÅG Celi is a standout among even the most environmentally friendly chairs. With a staggering 94% of the plastic and 75% of the aluminum from converted consumer material, HÅG Celi makes a statement about commitment to the planet.

“9to5 Seating is excited to launch a multitasking chair unlike any other on the market,” said Mark Mannon, VP of Product Development and Marketing. “Its unique motion design and sustainability story make it ideal for the priorities of today’s workplace.”

Contact a 9to5 Seating Sales Representative for a demo and go to 9to5seating.com for more information.