3form Launches Digital Tools to Simplify the Spec + Ordering Process

Leading materials manufacturer 3form is excited to launch their online visualization tool called Simple Spec and online ordering functionality, setting a new standard for accessibility and efficiency for designers and contractors specifying and purchasing architectural materials. The new features help customers jump from online research into their actual spec process—empowering designers and contractors with more control over their projects, streamlining the specification, quoting, and ordering processes, and providing transparent pricing for 3form’s renowned Varia line.

The new Simple Spec tool allows designers to select from standard patterns and colors and visualize 3form’s Varia line at full scale and true translucency—from opaque wire to sheer textiles, designers can understand how the patterns will translate into their project. From there, designers can see the material in 3form’s hardware or visit the company’s virtual showroom to further visualize materials at scale. Designers can then download Revit or CAD files and use those tools early in their spec process. “The Simple Spec tool helps a designer find inspiration, better understand the translucency and scale of each design, and ultimately provide them with an image they can use to share their vision with their client,” said Karli Slocum, VP of Product & Marketing at 3form. “We understand that designers are busier than ever, so we are investing in tools to help streamline the process and work with 3form.”

The heart of this launch lies in 3form’s commitment to meeting designers where they are in their process. “When we look at the generations now represented in the workplace, we want to ensure that we have tools for each of those generations and work styles,” says Slocum. “If you want to work with a sales rep immediately, you can do that; if you want to do your research online, you can do that too.” 3form understands the time constraints and complexities designers face, and their Simple Spec tool simplifies the design journey, offering a comprehensive selection of materials and finishes to jumpstart creativity.

Furthermore, 3form’s new online ordering system simplifies quoting. The new feature caters to the evolving needs of contractors and millworkers, offering a seamless solution for purchasing and replacing Varia panels. “We’re witnessing a paradigm shift in how materials are sourced and specified,” adds Slocum. “Customers can now get on-demand pricing for our Varia line and quickly purchase online. We will also be launching additional resources to allow for online quote generation, quote management, and more digital tools to reduce the time it takes to get a quote and move forward with purchasing” The company wants to help their customers shop around and understand the range of products within their Varia line with full pricing transparency, depending on the finish and gauge they need. In addition to accessible pricing information, 3form’s new upgrades will allow contractors to use their specific payment terms when checking out.

“There are expectations for what people expect from B2B partners,” says Slocum. “And those expectations are now more consumer-like: online, faster, with more confidence.” If customers need customization or personalized help, they can go through their materials consultant for one-on-one guidance but for simple straightforward solutions, there should be an easy route online that can be done any time of day.

To access 3form’s new tools, visit https://3-form.com/samples