//3877 Welcomes Architectural Associate Kate Janik to Growing Team

Kate Janik

Janik Joins the Expanding, Multi-Disciplinary Architecture and Design Firm

//3877 is pleased to announce the addition of Architectural Associate Kate Janik to the firm. A recent graduate of the Catholic University of America with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a minor in sustainability, Kate brings a fresh perspective and a technical skillset to the expanding design team.

“We have always found great value in investing in young, up-and-coming talent; it allows our team to look inward at its work and processes, pushing to embrace new concepts and ideas,” says //3877 Partner David Tracz. “We know Kate will be an awesome addition to our company as we continue to expand our presence and project portfolio.”

Kate was drawn to architecture from a young age, valuing the creativity of the profession and the ability to create spaces that positively impact people’s lives. Her previous experience with an integrated building design studio class during her senior year at Catholic University solidified her expertise in the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and structural aspects of a project. Kate’s background in the field has led to an adept understanding of building design and construction––throughout her higher education journey and her previous internship with CallisonRTKL, Kate also refined her skills in technologies such as Revit and Creative Cloud Suite.

“During my freshman year of college, //3877 came to my studio class and spoke about their firm. I knew from the moment they presented that they curate a genuine and desirable company culture and implement a strategic and creative approach to design,” says Kate. “I was attracted to the smaller, close-knit group at the firm as well as the scope of projects that //3877 takes on; I’m looking forward to tackling different project typologies across various industries.”

In her role at //3877, Kate will work on computer-aided design and technology, assisting project teams at a variety of stages such as design development, schematic design, and construction administration. She will assist a variety of teams across different verticals, jumping in to provide insight and support throughout the process. In addition to her design skills, Kate has a host of other talents, including solving a rubik’s cube in under a minute and watercolor painting, just to name a few.

//3877’s latest hire demonstrates the firm’s commitment to the continued development and growth of their team. Most recently, the firm announced their expansion in New York City, marking a significant milestone for the company. For more information about //3877, please visit https://www.3877.design/.

ABOUT //3877

In the fall of 2010, close friends David Tracz and David Shove-Brown began the process of realizing their decade-old dream of forming a professional architecture + design partnership. Through over two decades of experience, the duo developed goals of not only working with clients interested in the design process but also teaming with partners who can help provide the highest levels of design, construction and presentation. After months of planning and development, //3877 was born.

//3877 is a multi-disciplinary firm that focuses on single-family, multiple-unit residential, commercial, restaurant and hospitality projects. In seeking success while working with these various project types, //3877 begins with the very simple process of asking questions and listening carefully to the answers, prioritizing the concepts of partnerships and teamwork. Very simply, //3877 is committed to providing innovative and creative designs to enhance and enrich the lives of clients, partners and communities.