Concurrents: The Big Pause

Jen Levisen

The only thing better than the Let’s circle back after the holidays” memes, is that they appear in my Instagram feed earlier and earlier each year. Like that meme in December? Funny. That meme back in October? So funny I shared it with people.

But beyond the laughter, there lies a profound truth. Work inevitably slows down this time of year, not necessarily as an excuse to avoid responsibilities, but as a natural rhythm. Meetings make way for holiday parties, kids’ school programs, and finding time to wrap and grocery shop.

At Mortarr, we followed the Entrepreneurial Operating System, commonly referred to as EOS, where we exercised “Clarity Breaks.” These breaks are dedicated “think time” for staff, essential for fostering creative, right-brain activity. Trying to solve problems amid the constant firefighting of daily tasks is counterproductive. By scheduling these breaks, you assert the importance of your time, signaling that nothing should interfere with these moments. 

Recently, our team at mindful MATERIALS embarked on a company-wide Clarity Break (aka annual planning), dedicating two full days to delve into the what, the who, and the how of our work and organization. The experience was equal parts exhausting and invigorating, leaving me profoundly grateful to collaborate with individuals who recognize the value of working on the business, not just in it. 

If the concept of Clarity Breaks intrigues you or if, like me, you seek those invaluable pauses in life, you can learn more at EOS Worldwide. 

As the holiday season approaches its inevitable slowdown, I anticipate the possibility of a Clarity Break or two of my own. After all, sharpening our answers to our own what, who, and how is just as crucial. 

Jen Levisen is a writer, editor, and content strategist passionate about connecting and storytelling and using both to highlight impact. She is the Director of Communications for mindful MATERIALS and is the host of the Impact Icons podcast, an Imagine a Place Production. Connect with Jen (digital high-fives abound!). LinkedIn >