JSI Announces Entry to Healthcare Market with JSI Health – A Continued Journey of Purpose for People

For more than a century at JSI, we have been focused on making furniture and providing a highly personalized customer experience to inspire people to love what they do. We’ve crafted pieces for corporate, education, government, and hospitality that are both beautiful and incredibly functional. Now, we lovingly take this same philosophy and enter the healthcare space with JSI Health.

We believe in the extraordinary power of an environment that inspires you to love where you thrive, love where you care, and ultimately love where you heal. It’s where passion and purpose can flourish, even in challenging times. We also understand the enormous priority of providing comfort and support where it matters most. That’s why we make exceptional furniture for caregiving, recovery, wellness, and rejuvenation.

Why Healthcare?

Entering the healthcare space is something we take very seriously – this is a journey we began because we knew we could make a difference in people’s lives. Our goal is to enable greater focus on the patient, make a supportive space for their loved ones, and arm caregivers with intuitive features that work for them not against them. We sought highly functional yet beautiful designs with comfort that feels like home. With the help of Mike Shields, one of the healthcare industry’s most preeminent furniture designers, we had a clear path forward: human-centered design that kept the focus on the interactions, the comfort, and the ease of these individuals.

These elements top the list of priorities for our four new healthcare-focused products. While we have provided solutions in public and administrative areas for many years, with these series we expand into clinical and caregiver spaces as well, encompassing the most urgent needs of facilities and providers today. The Kindera performance recliner, Somna sleep sofa, Satisse metal seating, and Forge modular casework series, each offer differentiating features that speak to JSI’s deep connection to people in these environments.

This is how we make a difference. This is the attitude that fuels us. To inspire people to limitless possibilities.

MEET KINDERA – Where Care Meets Connection

At JSI, we understand the transformative power of a healing space. It’s where passion and purpose can flourish, even in challenging times. That’s why we make exceptional furniture for caregiving, recovery and rejuvenation. Our mission is to enhance spaces where health and healing occur, to offer comfort and support where it matters most—because we believe in the extraordinary potential of an environment that inspires you to love where you care, love where you thrive and ultimately, love where you heal.

With the introduction of our performance recliner, Kindera, we partnered with leading healthcare furniture designer Mike Shields, to create a recliner patients can feel at ease in during their treatment and recovery. Kindera embodies our drive to promote seamless, engaged care so providers can also flow through their work naturally.

Care Comes Naturally

Kindera is designed for people, centered around easy access to comfort controls like the back recline lever. Adjustment controls are intuitively located for easy access by providers so they can remain focused on the patient while providing care. The Trans4rm™ system allows either arm of the recliner to retract into the frame, creating a smooth platform for safe patient transfers. Well-placed caster lock levers make it easy for caregivers to maintain eye contact with the patient. Kindera is a one-of-a-kind achievement in function and elegance, providing a calming place for patients, so they may love where they thrive and heal.

MEET SOMNA – Comfort & Care That Feels Like Home

Studies have demonstrated that the presence of loved ones significantly aids in the healing and recuperation process for patients receiving care. Understanding the importance of this pivotal caregiving dynamic, Mike Shields, a leading healthcare furniture designer, partnered with JSI to create Somna. Somna offers the comfort essential for a patient’s primary support network. With features like an intuitive fold-down mattress and durable laminate surround, comfort and effortless maintenance enhance not only the overall serene ambiance but also the loved ones’ rest.

Scalable to Fit

Somna offers versatility to interior designers and facilities, particularly in situations where space is limited. Emphasizing adaptability as a core attribute, Somna is scalable to the inch. Designed for the capability of a precise fit, even in the most compact alcoves, Somna ensures a perfect fit every time.

Somna offers users a range of choices to facilitate device charging, whether it’s in-arm or undermount power outlets. With versatile arm, caster, glide, and power options, combined with a contemporary palette, Somna provides ultimate flexibility.

MEET SATISSE – Comfort Where It’s Needed Most

Satisse provides comforting design and a full family of seating options, so guests are encouraged to relax and find support in the moment. Partnering with Mike Shields, top healthcare furniture designer, meant we were able to tackle top concerns in healthcare today. Thoughtful design allows for seamless reconfiguration, catering to changing priorities, floor plans, and cleaning regimens.

Innovation for Future Thinking 

Understanding the changing dynamics of the healthcare landscape, Mike Shields sought to create a solution for designers and facilities with the patent-pending MagLinx™ connectors. These glide connectors create an incredibly strong magnetic bond without requiring hardware or additional tools, resulting in endless flexibility.

Comfort is not limited when it comes to Satisse. The arm arch design ensures that individuals can effortlessly find their most natural and comfortable resting position. The subtly curved pommel arm grip provides gentle support to visitors as they transition to a standing position. Satisse is designed to feel like home, so people feel cared for the moment they step into your space.

MEET FORGE – Nurturing Connections – Elevating Spaces

Forge stands out as a premier modular casework solution, fostering connections between caregivers, patients, and designers to fashion tranquil, rejuvenating, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing environments. With its adaptable storage solutions and contemporary materials selection, Forge serves as the focal point for bringing individuals together and streamlining operations in healthcare environments and beyond.

Solutions to Enhance Care

Ensuring the caregiver is equipped with a highly practical workspace featuring integrated solid surface sinks, versatile waste management solutions, and easily maintainable materials is paramount. These materials, presented in serene, calming tones and natural woodgrains, enable caregivers to remain dedicated to their primary objectives without distractions.

Ordinary breakrooms are captivating environments that promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Elements such as soft-close doors and drawers, integrated waste cabinets, microwave shelves, and continuous toe kicks guarantee that design aesthetics are upheld while crafting sophisticated and functional spaces.

MEET COPILOT – The Perfect Sidekick

Elevate any environment effortlessly with Copilot, an exceptional collection of versatile pull-up tables. Designed to be the perfect sidekick in any scenario, Copilot offers a choice between adjustable or fixed heights and an extensive array of metal finishes and surface materials, ensuring a look that complements every taste and style. With its convenient pull-up functionality, Copilot provides added convenience and functionality, allowing users to effortlessly bring surfaces closer for work, relaxation, or socializing.

Options Available

Copilot comes in four fixed heights (16”, 19”, 21”, 27”H) and the easy-to-use adjustable height base version. These bases paired with surfaces in our refreshed Materials Portfolio make Copilot an excellent addition to the JSI occasional table product offering.

About JSI

JSI creates quality furniture for work and life while holding true to our company motto: Love What You Do. Strongly rooted in the heart of the Midwest, generations of our furniture family have been proudly practicing their craft in southern Indiana since 1876.